22+ Awesome Platform Bed Ideas & Design For Any Home

PLATFORM BED IDEAS – Choosing a platform bed for your bedroom idea can be very confusing because there is so many platform option, but you also need to adjust it with your bedroom theme. You can even choose a modern or traditional bed platform that is suitable for your bedroom concept. Anyway, talking about platform bed idea, you can actually get so many inspiration on the internet.

Perhaps, you can consider these following best platform bed ideas that suit your bedroom concept.

Some of the Best Platform Bed Ideas for Modern Homes

Au Natural

Au Natural platform bed idea basically uses wood or timber as the main material. Somehow, this wooden bed platform does not look classic as you can use it in your apartment bedroom. In this case, you only need to choose the right style for the platform. You can pick a low design platform bed that is suitable for a modern bedroom which is totally made from timber. In addition, it is also not painted with a special accent to keep the original accent.

Modern Rustic

Modern rustic is slightly similar to the Au Natural platform bed idea that uses timber or wood material. But, this platform has a rustic coloring that will make it look traditional. Meanwhile, the platform style remains modern with perfect cutting on its headboard and legs.

This modern rustic platform bed idea is really suitable for any apartment bedroom remodeling that uses a light brown theme with enough lighting. Moreover, it will bring more rustic nuance when you apply a large rug on the floor with the same accent.

Warm and Simple

Most high-quality bed platform uses wood or timber as its mainframe because it can suit any kinds of bedroom theme. Using a small platform, you can get a warm and simple bedroom atmosphere that still looks elegant for any occasion.

This warm and simple platform will bring an ordinary dormitory bedroom to a better nuance despite you use dark accent such as brown accent and gray. Meanwhile, you still combine it with other colors as you can decorate your bedroom wall with different styles to bring harmony.

Asian Flare

Asian Flare platform bed idea brings alive accent on every corner of the bedroom. In this case, you can just pick read accent to bring its flare that is also applied to the bed platform with a modern coating. It also looks perfect when you use Japanese headboard concept that combines dark accent and light accent.

In fact, when dealing with the bed platform size selection, you can choose both the large one or the simple one with low legs. Meanwhile, you also use a soft mattress that is covered by a red bed sheet.

Cool Wooden Tones

Wooden theme with cool tone becomes the most favorite concept for new modern bedroom remodeling. In this case, all you need to do is to put a different accent to your bedroom. You may take a puzzle brick bed platform which uses several wooden blocks to obtain an attractive traditional look.

Meanwhile, the color or tone selected is a rustic brown accent that resembles old house concept. Though this looks so classic, it is not a bad idea for an apartment platform bed idea if only you want to combine between modern style and classic style.

Simple Geometrics

Simple geometric platform bed idea also brings a traditional concept for modern bedroom theme. This geometric styled platform bed may look ordinary, but when you combine it with perfect bedroom tone, then it will become more elegant and extraordinary. In fact, you can just pick a simple color like dark brown or dark gray. The geometric style itself lies in its headboard that has no specific decoration as you find it on the modern bed frame.

Beachy Bliss

Beachy Bliss can be a perfect platform bed idea that brings modern style to a traditional home or modern bedroom. This is also simple, but it looks futuristic when you see the tones used.

Anyway, the material used is just common wood which is coated with an adorable accent. In this case, you may pick light brown that is suitable for a universal bedroom. In fact, if you want to add more value, you may combine it with other accents on your bedroom wall such as white, blue, yellow, and light gray.

Smart Storage

Perhaps, you really like reading books, but you do not want to get up from your bed. So, it is not a bad idea to use a platform bed that has a storage system. The storage itself can be placed on its headboard or you can also put it under the bed.

The storage system on platform bed will make your bedroom more spacious because you do not need to buy a closet to store your dresses or buy a bookshelf to store your favorite books. Anyway, this bed platform concept is really suitable for modern homes that demands uniqueness.

Sorta Spacey

Sorta Spacey may become the most favorite platform bed idea that is suitable for modern bedrooms that use big windows with small space. In this case, you do not need to use a large platform bed because you can just put the simple one. In this case, you can pick a modern bed that is coated with white material while the headboard uses memory foam to add more comfort and elegance.

Turning Japanese

It is a great option to remodel your bedroom with a new platform bed with Japanese style. In this case, you just need a low bed platform in black tone while you use the gray mattress for a perfect color combination. Basically, this Turning Japenese bed platform idea is very popular among apartment owners because it does not only look simple, but it also looks modern with its design.

It’s just an Illusion

You really have to adjust your bedroom theme with something cool which you may never think before. Let us say that you pick an illusion platform bed which is perfect for modern bedrooms as used in many apartments. This kind of platform bed idea does not only make your bedroom spacious, but it makes it more futuristic, especially if you choose the right tone combination such as gray and white, or brown and white.

Bachelor Dream

If you live in a modern apartment, then it must be a good choice to take Bachelor Dream as your bed platform concept which uses a simple design, but it has high-quality value. Anyway, this platform bed idea basically uses a low profile frame that is coated with a soft material.

Meanwhile, it does not use a high headboard to make it look more attractive. This can be the most favorite choice when you want to have a futuristically styled bedroom with perfect tone combination as you see the house of Hollywood actors.

Spacious Beauty

Living in a healthy environment is always a good option because you can build a simple house with a small bedroom. But, how can you make it remain spacious with a type of platform bed? Anyway, you may apply Spacious Beauty as your perfect bed platform which still has amazing value for couple bedroom.

Basically, it is still using a wood material in which you paint it in simple brown accent with a thin headboard. You can combine it with other colors such as white, gray, yellow, and much more for a better theme.

Rustic Storage

Even though you live in a modern apartment, you can still apply a rustic theme to your bedroom concept. In this case, you only need to use a platform bed which is made from wood with a dark brown accent. It is not enough because it is also designed with storage.

Rustic storage bed platform is a very good choice for a small bedroom space. You can store some clothes in the storage that is placed under the bed platform. Meanwhile, the headboard can also be used for small storage for your bedroom decorations.

Low Ride Bed

Low Ride bed platform is really nice to bring a modern styled bedroom for kids and teenagers. Actually, this bedroom still uses the original wood material in which you can pick dark brown accent to make it look more elegant and classic. This platform bed does not need to use thick timber, but it is thinned that the common bed frame. This can be a perfect option if you do not like a high bed while you can still use a regular mattress with a perfect coating.

Ultra Modernesque

This bedroom concept makes you amazed when you see it at first glance. This is usually used for many today’s modern apartment bedroom that demands futuristic style without leaving its traditional value. It is actually quite simple, but it is very strong for it uses a very high-quality timber material. In addition, you can pick a dark brown accent for the platform bed and then you can choose white color for the headboard for a harmonious combination.

Shaker Sensation

This is the simplest platform bed idea that you can apply to your small bedroom for both adult or teenager bedrooms. Anyway, you actually do not bring too many styles on this bed concept because you only need to use a common bed frame that is painted in a dark accent.

It looks ordinary and rustic, but it is not seen because you can cover it with a modern mattress. What about the headboard? If you check the headboard, it also looks usual and it does not look too big without storage system.

Lux Leather

How do you feel when you have a luxurious bedroom that uses lux leather platform bed? Of course, it can really make you happy and satisfying because this bed frame concept is the dream of every homeowner. In addition, this kind of bed platform also is lower, so it is perfect for modern homes or apartments. Meanwhile, for the tone selection, you can actually choose any colors as you wish such as gray, brown, black, and white.

European Simplicity

It also becomes one of the most favorite bed platform concept that many people in Europe apply to their bedroom theme. In a glimpse, you will notice that it likes a flying bed, but there are actually four legs made from irons under the frame. Meanwhile, the bed platform itself is made from a wood material with fabric coating in dark accent. The combination of white and dark accent makes this bed look more futuristic and elegant.

SciFi Sleight

Do you want to live in the future? You can start with your bedroom. Anyway, it is very easy to apply modern and futuristic bedroom concept. In this case, you may try SciFi Sleight bed platform that uses modern bed platform idea that is covered by high-quality soft foam on every corner of the bed frame.

Meanwhile, the mattress used is relatively tiny with a simple design. In addition, when you check the headboard, you also find that it looks really different from many bed platform design.

DIY Delight

DIY Delight is a really incredible choice if you do want to have such a simple bed platform with a good accent. In this case, you only need to use a wood material as the mainframe and then you can paint it with a dark brown accent. It uses a single leg under the bed, so it will make the bed frame look flying.

Moreover, the headboard can also be simple with thin timber design. The color combination is also perfect if you choose a light accent and black. Overall, this simple bedroom idea is not much, but it still becomes a dream of everybody.

Black is Back

Black always becomes the best accent for many modern bedroom remodeling. It is usually used in the platform bed idea for the perfect coloring. In this case, you only need to choose a regular bed platform that is suitable for apartment bedroom, then you can coat it with black fabric.

It will also look perfect if you can combine it with white accent. What about the headboard design? For this concept, it can be a good option if you use a very large headboard in a black accent too.

Awesome Platform Bed Ideas & Design For Any Home


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