23+ Modern Dining Room Design Ideas To Impress Your Guests

MODERN DINING ROOM DESIGN IDEAS – The dining room is one of the most important parts in a house that you need to have. This is the place where you can enjoy your meals along with your family members. It is true that a good dining room can increase your appetite and you will feel comfortable to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner in this room. Somehow, you may feel bored with your current dining room, and prefer to apply modern dining room design ideas.

Anyway, you can read these following modern dining room design ideas which are suitable for today’s dining room remodeling.

Tips for Creating a Modern Dining Room

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Beautiful TableScape

Modern dining room design idea comes with various style and decoration. In this case, you can simply try to decorate your dining tablescape to look more gorgeous and outstanding. You may choose any accents and items to make it impressive. For instance, you can cover the dining table with a purple table cover. Then, you can add some bunch of fake flowers with the same color.

Modern Go Green

How to make your dining room look environmental-friendly? Well, you may try a modern go green concept that will make your dining room look fresh and natural. Simply, you can apply a green accent to every corner of the room. Then, you may also add some plants or flowers around the room. Using a dining table made from wood will be a perfect option.

Modern Combination

Your dining room will look incredible in a modern concept by combining several decorations and items at the same time. Basically, this dining room concept is suitable for a large dining room because you will use so many items. In this case, you can put the dining table in the middle along with colorful plastic chairs.

On the other side, you can add some green plants to add more decorative value to the room. Somehow, you can just choose white wallpaper with some image frames on the wall.

Scandinavian Style

Today’s modern popular concept for any dining room is Scandinavian styled dining room which combines rustic theme and modern theme. Simply, you can just put a dining table made from original wood in the middle along with the chairs, but you do not need to paint the table and chair.

Meanwhile, you can add special bamboo made a wallpaper that also looks classic and phenomenal. Meanwhile, you add a modern sink, modern countertop, and modern kitchen appliances on a cabinet.

Bright Color Pop

A dining room will really look adorable when you use bring accent with some colorful items. Somehow, this modern dining room only uses the white accent on its wall and some cabinets that are also painted in white too. If it is too bright, you may combine it with other colors. For instance, you can use some yellow dining chairs and red dining table. Meanwhile, if you want to make it look more natural, then you can add some green plants or flowers around.

Play with Pattern

Abstract dining room design idea is the most favorite choice for many apartments and houses, especially who really love artworks. You do not need to put some big and expensive artworks, but you only have to play with the pattern.

In this case, you can paint your dining room wall in a white accent, and then you can draw some patterned decorative and colorful drawing on the wall. To add value to the room, you can also use some additional decorations such as lanterns, flowers, and rattan-made chairs.

More Lightings

A modern dining room always comes with an adorable concept and have more lightings. This dining room design idea is very easy to apply because you do not need to have so many items, but you only add some lightings.

You can use some lightings that you hang on the ceiling. It does not mean that the lighting has to bring because it is only a decoration. Meanwhile, you just arrange your dining items as usual.

Modern Monochrome

Monochrome resembles modernity because it looks so simple with the black, gray, and white combination. This monochrome dining room design idea is usually used in many apartment dining rooms. The wall uses a white accent, but the dining table and chairs are gray. There are no items with different colors other than gray, black, and white. Though it looks so flat, some modern people refer to this theme for their dining room.

Pink Dining Room

Pink dining room design idea is a special modern dining room for girls. For any women or girls who prefer beautiful dining them without spending a lot of money, then they can try this one. In this case, you only have to use items with pink accents. You can put a glass-made dining table with some pink chairs around it. You can also add a pink flower vase in the middle of the table. But, it does not mean that you have to put in pink on every corner of the room.

Blue Theme Dining

Why does blue look so amazing for a modern dining room design idea? Well, blue is a rare theme that can be a good choice for your dining room remodeling. You do not need to replace the entire items with blue items, but you only have to change the wall accent in blue.

Meanwhile, the dining table still has its original brown accent along with the chairs. If you want to add more value to the room, you can put a simple honeycomb styled mirror on the wall above the small fireplace.

Library Style Dining

How can you make your dining room look like a school library? If you like reading books, you must not throw away your books in a warehouse because you can utilize these books as decorative items for your dining room. But, you need to build a huge book rack or a book cabinet in your dining room. Then, you can simply arrange the books on each row. Meanwhile, you put the dining table in the middle of the U-shaped book rack.

Meeting Room Style

You can design your dining room in various styles. But, meeting room styled dining room will make it look so modern and futuristic. Simply, you can put a large dining room table that looks like a meeting room table. Meanwhile, you can also use meeting room chairs with brown accent. To make it look more attractive, you can add some decorative items such as hanging chandeliers, abstract wallpaper, and much more.

Round Table Dining

The next modern dining room design idea comes with an attractive around the convertible dining table. Though it is made from wood in brown accent, this dining table will make you amazed because you can adjust the size. You can convert it into a bigger dining table or just a small dining table.

Meanwhile, you also use five dining chairs made from hardwood with soft and comfortable cushioning. To make the dining room look more impressive, you can use a special beautiful scenery wallpaper.

Glassy Dining Room

Many modern dining rooms use glassy material to bring this concept and theme. Well, it is a great idea but it may cost you a lot of money. In this case, you have to change every item in the room with glassy items. For instance, you can put a large glassy cabinet that looks so attractive and elegant. Meanwhile, you also have to add a round glass dining table which looks so awesome. You can use any glassy items, expect the dining chairs.

Simple Dining Room

If you have no idea how to decorate your dining room with some beautiful items, then you can only apply a simple dining room concept, but it is still modern. You only have to put a long dining table that has metal legs above a rug. You can use a white accent for simplicity. This white simple themed dining room looks so impressive thanks to its additional some decoratives to give more value to the room.

Math Themed Dining

You can make your dining room look more scientific by applying a math-themed modern dining room design idea which is suitable for an apartment room. Anyway, this concept looks so futuristic because you will use some modern items such as a very large LED TV on the wall, a modern touchscreen table with a wooden frame, and four plastic chairs. If you want to add more scientific value, you can have geometric flooring concept.

Colorful Dining Room

How to make your dining room look more colorful with a modern concept? You do not need to do a lot of things to have this theme because you only have to use a large dining table with a flowery or colorful table cover. If it is not enough, you may give a fresh touch on the wall accent by choosing a blue-purple color. It is also perfect if you combine it with a white accent in several parts.

Mini Bar Themed Dining

It will be a great concept to apply a mini bar themed dining room with the most popular design for large homes and modern apartments. In this case, you need to remodel your dining room and unite it with your mini bar. You can use a simple white acrylic dining table with some wooden chairs. Meanwhile, you can add more value to the other corner to bring a very interesting bar concept with modern items.

Couple Dining Room

For new couples who want to get more intimacy in a relationship, they can put everything in the house for two persons only. In this case, you can remodel your apartment dining room that is only suitable for two people. Simply, you can use a small dining table that is made from wood and then put two chairs face to face.

In addition, you can add more decorations where you can put them on the cabinet. The best accent for this modern dining room is white and light brown.

Romantic Themed Dining

Suppose you do not have enough time to have a romantic dinner in a restaurant, you can actually make your own romantic themed dining room with some simple things. First of all, you can use a long dining table with a dark surface and then prepare two simple chairs made from plastic. Furthermore, you can add two romantic hanging lamp and add more decorative items such as some flowers on the table, and some candles.

Narrow Dining Room

For a minimalist home, remodeling a dining room can be a difficult thing to do. You have to know the exact concept for your small dining room. But, it is not a bad idea to apply a narrow dining room with a modern concept that looks so extraordinary and elegant. Simply, you can use a small round dining table made from wood and put some chairs. Though it looks so narrow, it will be comfortable because you combine some accents and decorations.

Black and White

If you have a large dining room, then you may try simple black and white themed dining room that looks so futuristic. This large dining room uses a large dining table in black color along with 8 black chairs. Basically, it looks like an office meeting room and you can also add some decorative items on the wall and ceiling. You may also add a large rug on the floor to give more comfort.

Glassy Window Dining

The next choice for the best modern dining room design idea uses a glassy window concept which is suitable for an apartment room. You can enjoy your meal with the beautiful scenery of a beach. You can choose a large dining table made from a ceramic material or glass material. To add more classic value, you can remodel your dining room ceiling with brown woods.

Contemporary Dining Room

The last option for a modern dining room design brings a contemporary concept that looks incredible in some different accents. In this case, you can combine a few items at the same theme. You can also try an abstract theme to make it more elegant and futuristic.

As usual, you can choose a wooden dining table with sleek design and iron frames. The chairs are made from comfortable cushioning and you can also decorate the wall with some beautiful paintings.

Modern Dining Room Design Ideas To Impress Your Guests

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