Top 10 Grey Bedroom Ideas in 2019

Grey has always been a trend when it comes to colour scheme. It has become the “new Magnolia” and seems to be a popular choice of colour when it comes to decorating. Some High-end designers have used grey in multiple gradations and kinds of product. What makes hard when it comes to using grey as a colour is deciding what’s fit you the best. To make a great grey bedroom you need to take your style into consideration.

What do you prefer the most? If you prefer a modern kind of bedroom maybe a deeper shade of grey or dramatic shade would fit your room better. You could always mix them with a metallic accessory or even a vintage industrial edge. If you prefer a traditional bedroom, blending a gentle colour like blue or pink with grey might give you a versatile result.

By any means, grey absolutely good with any style of the room and if you are still confused on what kind of grey bedroom ideas you should go for, below you can read some of our top 10 grey bedroom ideas in 2019.

Cosy Feel With Warm Greys

photo by Dominic Blackmore 1

Adding some neutrals colour in a warm grey room could give you a comfortable layered look. A touch of red could give a brown colour to purplish in some light while a shade of yellow could result in the deeper grey a greenish hue. Some of light colour like khaki, olive, nude beige and lilac could also make the grey bedroom looks more comfortable and cosy. Toning down the deeper grey could create a comfortable, cosy feeling as well as a perfect chilling room to stay on.

Chic Grey Bedroom

Photo by Tim Young 1

Want to make your bedroom look chic and stylish? No worries, it is possible by adding a combo between blush pink and grey. This combo is a great combination for you who love a modern country, industrial chic or classic elegance kind of vibes. You can put the blush pink furniture or add some props with metallic colour like gold, copper, brass to blend well with the combo.

Pick The Right Shade Of Grey

Photo by Collin Poole 1

There are so many shades of grey you can choose and choose the right one that fitting well with your style is important. To find the fitting one you can always try some samples on your walls and see how they look in different lights and angles before making a decision. In this picture, the soft grey colour fitting so well with the luxe cream furnishings and the cosy textiles, make the room looks so well collaborated.

Making A Wow Factor With Grey

Photo by Oliver Gordon 1

Like white, grey is an ideal basic colour when it comes to putting off a minimalist and modern vibe. The colour is easy to pull off a beautiful colour scheme and if you choose the right decoration, it will even be more beautiful. By adding a leafy print wallpaper with the combination of the same colour as well as a metallic mirror, this simple design could be one of the most amazing grey bedroom designs.

Rustic Feel Grey Bedroom

Photo by Brent Darby 1

Grey colour schemes can be such a sweet treat and at the same time, can be very rustic. By having immaculately painted walls, you don’t need to add some glossy furniture. A simple distressed look is amazing too. It will give a Scandi-country feel and the “marshmallow”-like bedding and its soft coloured accessories give a vibrant vibe that makes the decoration looks natural and relaxed.

Chic Hotel Style Grey Bedroom

Photo by Davide Lovatti 1

You can make your hotel style bedroom by using grey. This magic can be done by using a textural wallpaper, a framed black and white prints and the upholstered headboard that can be put in the room to give a relaxing stylish vibe. The mixture between subtle patterns and block greys are done as a neutral base for adding the wow factor into this monochrome bed which totally works to make a classic scheme of grey colour.

Paint Your Wall

Photo by Rachael Smith 1

Attic or eaves bedroom would probably make use of sloping walls and ceilings decoration. Like in this room, the colour of gentle grey has been used to the featured wall to make an offset the white paint that used elsewhere. It is emphasizing the contrast between the colour of grey and white which later resulting lovely lines of architecture and spaces in a small space. The grey colour itself is limited to the decoration of bed and lighting. It is put in the form of cushions’ pattern and the primrose armchairs that surprisingly bending well with the greys.

A Simple Approach Of Grey Colour

Photo by Nikki Crisp 1

Putting a deep grey in a small bedroom is a bit scary but by using deep grey as an accessory, it might work. This room is actually not grey at all, it’s a completely white room but by using some grey accessories like the cushions and somehow velvet throw on the bedding, the grey somehow dominated this whole white bedroom and becomes the centre of the attention.

Embrace The Bygone Era

Photo by Jon Day 1

Paying attention to the headboard of your bedroom might work if you are going for the glamour theme. Scheme decorating is important in this kind of bedroom. You can start by choosing a scrolling design that will be the centre of the benchmark for the whole decorating scheme. Find a wallpaper print that can blend it with the ornate details and put the mirrors and polished chrome lightning to give a natural shade to the room.

Hues Mixing

Photo by James Merrell 1

Black and white prints would give such a stylish contrast to the monochrome bed linen. You can also use some soft furnishings for the decoration to give this room a contemporary vibe.

That is all top 10 grey bedroom ideas in 2019. Do you love these ideas and find your favourite design? If you do, start planning your decoration and have fun to decorate your ideal bedroom at home.

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