21+ Baby Girl Nursery Ideas That Are So Dreamy

GIRL NURSERY IDEAS – Every parent is delightful when it comes to designing a nursery room. It is indeed the most exciting part of pregnancy journey because parents have the feel to nurse the baby as fast as possible.

However, the excitement sometimes translated into the overwhelming need to clean, decorate, and organize the nursery room before the baby arrives. Some people may end up in strolling those super cute baby shops and boutiques and simply buy everything they see.

There is obviously nothing wrong with baby shopping and spending a little, but you need to make sure not to overblow the budget for a future diaper on nursery décor and furnishing only. A newborn cannot actually see the nursery décor but all they need is the comfort.

The main rule of the nursery room is to make it as comfortable as possible for both baby and parent. Here are other things that you need to know about girl nursery ideas and how to do it on budget.

What You Need to Know About Girl Nursery Room and Do It on Budget

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Avoid clutter

The first rule about baby nursery room is to make sure it is not cluttered. You will carry the baby back and forth every day and night, thus, a misplaced chair or toy can be a fatal trip for sure. It is always great to have lots of storage spaces that you can use to place things. So, instead of leaving it scattered on the floor, you can keep it neat in the storage.

Make sure that everything is within the reach of the changing table

When it comes to baby’s need, think of baby wipes, changing table, diapers, clothes, you name it, you will be really thankful if it is within the reach of the changing table. This is because you do not want to step away from the baby to grab something and risk her rolling around.

Keep it simple

With all the super cute nursery accessories and furniture, it can be very easy to over-decorate. Consider the rule less is more when it comes to decorating baby girl nursery. Choose the focal point of the room such as an artwork or a piece of furniture, and keep the rest simple. The nursery room should be child-friendly, not childish.

You can also choose a natural background that suits both boy and girl baby if you do not know the gender yet. The most important thing is the nursery room should function as it supposed to be and you do not have a hard time dealing with the decoration.

Consider the room location

Besides the décor, you will also need the room location. It can be best to choose a quiet room next to your bedroom. So, it will be easier for you to get the baby at night. Also, make sure that the room has enough heating and good ventilation system. If the windows get lots of lights from outside, you can install a curtain or blinds to keep the room dark. This should be a big help the baby sleep better day and night.

Carefully choose color

They say that boy’s room color should be blue and girl’s room should be pink. But you can actually choose any other color. You can consider using soft and tranquil colors that have to nurture and calming effect. Blue or pink does not matter, and let the baby choose the color once they grow up. The calming and nurturing effect of the room color will also give positive effect for mom. If you want to go with wallpaper, be sure to choose the washable wallpaper. You will never know when the wall gets stain but you will always know that the wallpaper is easy to clean.

Do not forget safety matter

Besides considering from the artistic side, you will also need to consider the safety matter. The baby crib should meet the safety standard in your area. Even though buying vintage or second-hand crib can save you money, but this is not the time for it. Safety standard for baby cribs changes over time. Since you will leave the baby in the crib alone, you will need to invest a little more money and choose the one with the best quality.

Some crib models can be transformed into toddler beds and full-size beds. You will also need to consider baby rail to anticipate of the baby starts to climb. Besides the crib, you will also need to invest in the good quality of crib bedding. Be sure that the bedding is comfortable, so, the baby loves to stay there.

In addition, carefully consider the placement of the furniture. For example, the baby crib should not be placed close to windows, lamps, heater, cords, and other decorations. Also, keep the furniture away from the baby to avoid them getting unwanted accidents.

Think of balance of safety and form

The hardest part of nursery room decorating is to make sure that it has both practicality and artistic touch. You will need to consider the main need of the room, the size, and how long it will be a nursery room. While designing the practicality of the room, you will also need to balance the safety and comfort matter.

Focus on what you need

When doing baby shopping for baby nursery room, many people end up buying lots of things that they actually do not need. Instead of buying furniture or accessories just because it is cute, make sure that you really need the items. You can buy the essential items first, and if there is some budget left, you can expand to some artwork or decorations.

Create a wishlist and plan ahead

The biggest mistake most people make when head to the baby store is they just walk in with bucks of money but no plan. Before you spend lots of money on things you do not need, it is better to write wishlist. Do a quick research on the baby items’ price and see if it is suited to the budget. Also, make sure you have an accurate measurement of the baby furniture and the room. So, you can avoid buying items that do not fit and do not have to deal with item exchange.


Decorating baby nursery room does not necessarily mean that you have to buy all new furniture and items. You can re-purpose old items in the house such as curtains, stools, chair, and more. You can also function old drawer as a changing table and save some money. You can also be creative with paint to change an old chair or drawer into whole new furniture.

Add later

If you think that you cannot buy all the furniture when the baby arrives, who cares? Life goes on anyway even without that furniture. You can buy only the main furniture and adds up other decorative items when you have the money. It is always okay, take your time and save money as much as you need. Decorating is a work on progress and you can always catch up with more accessories later.

Girl nursery ideas

While you are working hard to limit the budget and keep the decoration simple, you cannot omit the aesthetic aspect. Even in simplicity, you can create a beautiful nursery room which full of functionality and other elements that you need. The rule for girl nursery ideas is to use the space as functional as possible. The nursery room does not necessarily to always look babyish. Sometimes sophisticated design can also be a good choice for the room. Here are some girl nursery ideas for your inspiration.

Safari baby room

The safari-themed baby room is a super cute idea for a baby girl. The theme feature natural and animal hues. You can put baby animal safari poster or stuffed animal as decorations. Also, you can put animal-print bedspread to add more safari feel.

Desert style baby girl room

The desert-style baby girl nursery room is an unconventional showcase of beautiful lush green view. The cactuses make the nursery design unique. You can use cactus-print basket and bedspread for the desert theme. You can also put cactus-shape lamp to enhance the desert style.

Fresh and retro baby girl room

Colorful retro style baby girl makes the nursery room looks fresh and bright. The colorful and retro furnishings become a hyped trend. You can choose a bright yellow vintage chair, retro style drawers, and so on.

Pretty pink nursery

Pink is the color for girls and it has been like this for centuries. If you have the same thought, the pretty pink nursery theme is a great option. Choose pastel pink instead of neon pink to get the calming effect. You can simply choose furniture or accessories with pink elements. To balance the color and make the pink pop up more, you can combine it with gray or white.

Classic black and white theme

Who says you cannot use black and white for nursery room? The nursery room that does not look like the nursery is a current trend. You can simply use the black and white color and create a sophisticated nursery room. Choose modern furnishing in black and white, bold abstract art, and such. You can also combine the décor with a gold accent to create a glam-look nursery room.

Secret garden inspired

If in case the baby arrives around springtime or you want to always have the springtime feels, the secret garden inspired theme should be a perfect choice. You can use the floral accent wallpapers with matching pattern nursing bed and pattern.

Modern minimalist

Minimalist design is always a good idea. It gives a clean and uncluttered feel for the nursery. To pull the modern minimalist look, you can simply go with clean white walls, simple style furniture, and lots of open spaces. The modern minimalist design should feel bright and give a sense of openness. This design is proof that less is more and better.

Pop of color

The pop of color design allows you to have one item to be the focal point of the nursery. This is a great way to use bright and bold color but you do not want it to get too much. Let say you will make the drawer or changing table as the focal point, so, choose a bright color for the item such as red or green. Then use muted color for the rest of the furniture and walls such as gray, black, white, and such. The bright color accent gives a refreshing twist for the nursery room.

Moroccan style nursery

Inspired by the beauty of Morocco, you can pull the Moroccan style for the nursery room. The simple and chic design becomes a trend in recent years. You can choose midcentury-inspired crib and combined it with Moroccan-style textiles for the bedding, pillow, and rug. Top the nursery design with a Moroccan-style basket that you can use to store toys or other things inside.

Clean and bright contemporary

There is nothing better than creating a clean and bright design for nursery room. The thing is you will need as much space as possible, especially for the baby’s play area. To create this design, you can use soft pastel for the wall and furnishing, comfy furniture, and also lots of natural lights. The natural lights make the room bright, larger, and refreshing.

Starry night

This design is rich in gold and navy accents. The starry night design creates a soothing effect from the navy and the glimmering night sky from the metallic gold accent. You can include star map or celestial charts on the walls, use star-shape glow in the dark accessories, and other accessories to enhance the theme without getting overwhelmed and stuff the nursery room.

Girly girl nursery

The girly girl nursery room is a great option if you want something that looks like Instagram feed. Choose the combination of pink and white to create the girly vibes. Also, use furniture with some patterns to enhance the girly theme.

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