24+ Most Popular Ceiling Textures Types to Consider for Your Home

CEILING TEXTURES TYPES – Selecting the best drywall for your ceiling can be a difficult thing to do because you have to climb up a ladder to reach it. Somehow, finding a nice design or decoration for your ceiling may be easy because you can search for it on the internet.

You may want to look for the best ideas of ceiling design for your home. In this case, it is important to know ceiling textures types so that you can adjust it with your house accent theme. What do ceiling textures types look like? In this brief article, we would like to share with you about some amazing ceiling textures that you may apply to remodel your home interiors.

General Ceiling Textures

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Spray Sand

The first ceiling texture type is the spray sand. It is known that spray sand is actually quite affordable to apply to your drywall concept. This spray sand texture looks so rough when you touch it, but when you applied to your ceiling design. How to make this kind of ceiling texture? Somehow, you only need a mixture machine along with a dry texture mud product.

The machine can be spray gun, but you need to configure the consistency before using it so that you will get the best result. How will the result look like after all? When it is already dry after spraying it on your ceiling, then you will find out how it can make you amazed from any perspective. When you look at it closer, you may think that it is not so attractive, but when you see it from the bottom, it likes white cloud that is ready to start its rain.

In fact, you also need to adjust it with the theme of your house. But, you may not need to worry because if you choose white cloud, this accent is suitable for any theme. Maybe, you should think twice before using other colors for your spray sand ceiling. If you love nautical home theme, it is not a bad idea to apply light blue ceiling based on the spray sand texture. Or you can just combine it with while accent too.


Lace is another type of ceiling texture that is usually applied to many modern homes today because it looks so special thanks to the base accent selected that looks so different from the pattern. Somehow, making this ceiling texture type may not be easy, but when you see the result, you will notice that it will make you feel satisfied. The lace texture for the ceiling is a great choice for an abstract concept which is also suitable for any kinds of themes.

The basic accent of this lace texture is light brown and white. it uses a white accent because it can adjust the house them automatically. Eventually, when you see this ceiling texture from the ground, you may notice that it is like flooding island or it may resemble millions of tiny islands on Mars. What is the material used? You can actually make this type of ceiling texture using a dry material that you can also spray it directly to the ceiling.


It is undeniable that many homeowners are dreaming of having swirl ceiling texture because it is considered as the most beautiful texture ever. In this swirl texture, you can make your own detailed patterns. You can create any patterns as you wish including a rough pattern or soft pattern. You can also use a tool to make the pattern look similar to one another. For instance, you may use patterns that resemble the sun.

Somehow, you can also use an abstract pattern that is easier to make. All you need to do is just to draw some random patterns using a stick or a brush. You can draw some waves to make it alive. But, if you want to use the common swirl, then you can choose perlite swirl or sand swirl.

What color to choose? Most of the ceiling textures use a white accent that which is suitable for any themes. In fact, you still have a chance to select other colors such as blue, gray, and light brown.


It is a nice ceiling texture type that makes your apartment look incredible. Moreover, it is also super easy to make this kind of knockdown texture in which you may use a special tool and material such as a trowel, a wall knife, and a hawk. In this case, since you have a very large ceiling, it is important to use knockdown tool that can make it faster.

How to make this texture? First of all, you need to plaster your ceiling, and then you can just dab it using a sponge, trowel, or a brush so that the patterns will appear. Afterward, you can take a knockdown tool and just knock the peaks down so that it will get the perfect result. Keep in mind, you have to knock it down slowly and gently. You must not give hard pressure because it can mess the pattern up.

Skip Trowel

Skip trowel is another cool type of ceiling texture that is usually used in most traditional homes. Moreover, this kind of ceiling texture is very attractive and easy to make. Still, you can use plaster as the main surface before you create the patterns. Meanwhile, you also need to prepare a special tool to creates some abstract patterns. In a glimpse, this texture is similar to the knockdown texture but it is simpler.

Many people call this kind of texture as mud trowel knockdown texture. Somehow, you need to have a skill who can do with plaster very well. You can use a trowel to make the patterns and sometimes it can be so difficult and challenging.

What color is usually used? The main color for skip trowel texture is a brown accent that is very suitable for houses that are made from wood or have a traditional theme. In fact, a modern house is also good to use this concept, but the interior also needs to use a brown accent too.

Ceiling Texture Paint

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In addition to ceiling texture that you can actually make by yourself, you can also use texture paints to give wonderful concept for your ceiling. This also becomes one of the most favorite textures that many homeowners usually use to make their ceiling look adorable. In this case, you can actually use this textured paint to decorate your wall. Somehow, there are a few types of textured paints which are commonly used.

Smooth Textured Paint

Smooth texture paint is a very good choice if you have a ceiling that does not need any difficult patterns. So, you do not need to make such as sandy rough texture because you only need to paint the ceiling with this kind of paint. The paint itself will be available in various color options such as white, blue, gray, yellow, and much more.

Meanwhile, you can actually choose your favorite accent, but make sure that it is suitable for your home theme. In addition, you can also easily replace this textured paint with other colors just in case you want a new atmosphere.

Self-Mixed Textured Paint

Textured paint is also made by yourself and let us call it self-mixed texture paint in which you can blend the paint in your own way to make your ceiling look adorable with your favorite tones. You can even make your own patterns with several colors. Somehow, it can be very difficult if you do it alone, so it is necessary to hire a painter to deal with this textured paint. But, if you think that you can do it alone, it is not a bad idea to paint your ceiling as you wish.

Moreover, it is also important to adjust the color with the current theme you use. For the easy choice, you may select a white accent for a universal color that is applicable to any kinds of theme for both modern homes and traditional homes. Meanwhile, the material used for the ceiling itself may vary and it is always suitable for any colors.

Premixed Textured Paint

This can be one of the most typical textures paints that are used by many modern homeowners because they do not need to create their own patterns. In this case, this ceiling texture paint is ready to use in which you only need to attach it to your ceiling.

Moreover, you can also choose a wide variety of decorations and patterns that look incredible and will never disappoint you. Premixed textured paint is also available in some color options and you just pick your favorite one.

Alternative Finishes

The alternative finishes will be a great idea if you do not know what to apply to your ceiling concept. In this case, this ceiling texture type is ready to use and you also can choose some colors and patterns. You can make your ceiling look shiny with a beautiful shiny texture which can add value to your interior. It is not only good for the living room ceiling, but this alternative finish is also suitable for bedroom theme.

Orange Textured Paint

You probably like the orange color, but you have no idea where to apply this texture. In fact, you can actually redesign your ceiling with orange texture paint which makes your bedroom and living room look adorable.

It is actually just a camouflage because the orange pattern is only on visual while when you touch it, it is just smooth. Thus, you can also combine it with other colors or you can choose a different color as you wish such as light green accent, white gray accent and much more.

Special Ceiling Texture

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Somehow you can apply those ceiling texture types above, you may need some special ceiling textures that can add value to your living room. Some of the best special ceiling textures are among others:

Fish Scale Ceiling Textures

Maybe, you are not too familiar with this type of texture, especially if it is used for the ceiling. In fact, this col fish scale ceiling texture is really adorable to make your house look awesome. You can use an old plaster to apply this concept. In this case, your house will look classic and traditional which is really comfortable for a family house.

Unique Ceiling Texture

This unique ceiling texture is not only unique but it also looks different. Somehow, you can also choose your favorite color, but usually, a normal house uses a black and white combination. Though it looks usual, this ceiling texture style makes the house look comfortable, especially if you also use perfect lighting. Not only that, but it is also quite easy to create this texture because it is basically abstract.

Linear Metal Ceiling

This ceiling texture may look ordinary, but it is really nice if you apply to formal building such as an office, hospitals, malls, and shops. It does not use any combination but it just uses some flat metals that are painted in gray accent. You can also choose other colors if you want such as blue, white, and brown.

Coffered Ceiling Texture

Coffered ceiling texture really looks so incredible and likes no other because this ceiling uses large plasters that have good patterns. In this case, coffered ceiling resembles windows doors design that looks so awesome and attractive. In addition, it is also adorable if you only use white accent so that it is suitable for any themes.

Elegant Ceiling Texture

Making your house look luxurious is not that difficult because you can actually design your ceiling with something cool. Let us try an elegant ceiling texture type that is usually used in many expensive houses. Basically, this ceiling texture is abstract because the patterns are just waving.

Meanwhile, you can choose the perfect color such as light purple with a white combination. This ceiling texture is good or a hall design or other meeting rooms. But, it is not a bad idea if you apply to your living room.

Finally, those are few ceiling texture types that you can try just in case you intend to remodel your house with something easy. In fact, there are so many other ceiling textures that you can apply which also have more extraordinary designs and patterns.

Most Popular Ceiling Textures Types to Consider for Your Home

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