21+ Blue Bedroom Ideas For Your Personal Styles

Blue is one of the most favorite colors for many people. At a glance, blue brings them comfort, brightness and joy. Either dark or light blue can be goo option for bringing good mood into life again. This is despite a saying that often associates blue with “feeling blue” or “in mellow state”.

Unlike pink or yellow that can be closely related to women’ most beloved colors, blue is more neutral. Both men and women can admire the color. Thanks to this attribute, blue can be a good inspiration to start creating your dream house, kitchen, living room and as the title suggests, bedroom. Applying blue as the main color for the overall house or room gives us plenty of room for placing items and furniture with various colors.

Are you thinking of putting blue bedroom ideas into practices? Here are our suggestions for you:

Blue Bedroom Ideas

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Ocean-inspired Bedrooms

When we think of blue, we can quickly link it with ocean. This is understandable as ocean looks blue from afar. Sometimes ocean can turn into grey or purple depending on season, sunlight and even trash that pollutes it. By average, ocean is light or dark blue. If you feel like ocean-inspired bedrooms represent your hobby or identity, realizing blue bedroom ideas is a nice option.

First of all, you need to select blue as dominant color for the planned bedroom. You can choose either light or dark blue to mostly color walls in the planned bedroom. To make the walls fresher, you can add white color.

Do you want something juicy and creative? Don’t hesitate to draw ocean, wave, surf boards, beach umbrella or other things that remind you so much of ocean or beach. As you complete this step, you can move to select which furniture for making the blue bedroom ideas more than just painting blue.

In this regard, think of buying a blue or white bed for you sleeping in it. Add the bed with blue, ocean-inspired blankets, pillows, bedcovers or bed linens. As all of the items carry similar colors, put beach chairs for you sitting in them or laying magazines or tabloids. Putting all of those items are already enough for realizing blue bedroom ideas according to your style as beach or ocean lover.

Sky-like Bedrooms

Blue sky is such a loving picture to look at. This goes especially for those living in densely-populated areas with skyscraping buildings here and there. High offices and modern apartments can sometimes hide beautiful blue sky above our heads. This requires us few moments to remind myself to look up for just seeing wonderful, peaceful blue sky.

If you are a fan of blue sky, why don’t create sky-like bedrooms in your home? Don’t think this is a cheesy idea. You have a home for your space of being creative and experimental.

One of blue bedroom ideas can bring you benefits, such as sparking positivity every time you wake up in the morning, particularly when your mood isn’t good enough. Since blue can lead us to always organize things, you will automatically feel the need to clean the bedrooms on your own.

Like the first idea, you can start one of the blue bedroom ideas by painting all of the bedrooms’ walls with light blue. Resume the idea by decorating the bedroom with elements closely related with sky. For instance, soft cloud, sun, trees, birds hanging in trees and many more.

As you complete the step, think of which furniture to be put into the bedroom. Much like the first idea, you can start by purchasing blue or white bedroom and bed essentials with the same colors. After that, let us come to the most important thing that differs between the first and the second bedroom idea.

The thing that makes the difference is small items. For instance, you can paint ceiling of the roof with cloud, moon, sun, planets, stars and many more.

Vintage Look Bedrooms

One of the blue bedroom ideas is making the room as a vintage area in the house. If you choose this theme, dark blue is more appropriate because this color can make the room look graceful and tidy. Unlike the first two blue bedroom ideas that emphasize on ceiling painting, this third inspiration invites you more selecting furniture with vintage tones.

For instance, you can purchase vintage-styled bed, add dial telephone, classic chairs with desk lamp next to the bed. You can further browse on your own through internet or social media for details both on the items and the prices.

Thanks to blue as one of the neutral colors, you have more options determining which colors that accompany the items in this third recommendation. Don’t hesitate to bring up juicy tone in the room with contrast colors-items. For example, you can place red dialed telephone or brown wooden chairs here.

Minimalism Theme Blue Bedrooms

While the first and second encourage you playing with ceiling painting and the third is more on furniture selection, the fourth idea is making your bedroom a minimalist one. In this case, you wish to have a bedroom with not many stuffs so that you can bring spacious atmosphere into it. Painting the bedroom with blue is the perfect step to begin with. Light blue and or combining it with white is nice option for making the walls in the bedroom looking clean and fresh.

Select furniture, such as bed, chairs, with few ornaments. Pick up blue or white bed essentials in the bed, like pillows, bed linen, bed cover, blanket, and so on. Let the ceiling free from drawings or paintings. You can add bookshelf in the bedroom, drawer for putting important items into it. The thing with this last idea is that you need to adjust items’ colors with light blue and or white.

So, those are our tips for your blue bedroom ideas. Again, please consider your budget and whole family statements before you put the ideas into works. Have a good experiment with the planned bedroom, guys!

Blue Bedroom Ideas For Your Personal Styles

1. Manhattan Beach, CA

Photo by LA Design Build

2. Hand-crafted Modern

Photo by Lucy Interior Design

3. Old Town Alexandria Rowhouse

Photo by Home On Cameron

4. Maya Palm Paradise

Photo by ibi designs

5. Sophisticated Edge

Photo by West Village GC

6. Landsdale Bradley Model Home

Photo by Laura Bendik Interiors

7. Fair Hills – Long Island

Photo by Duneier Design

8. Colorful Condo

Photo by Dawn Hearn Interior Design

9. British West Indies Custom Home

Photo by Simonsen-Hickok Interiors

10. Lake Sherwood

Photo by Julia Wong Designs

11. Ansley Forest

Photo by Scenic Sotheby’s International Realty

12. Broadway

Photo by Spinnaker Development

13. Chelsea Townhouse

Photo by Tara Benet Design

14. Mimo Glam Remodel

Photo by B.Design

15. Jennifer Stoner Interiors

Photo by Barden’s Decorating, Inc.

16. Boston Back Bay

Photo by Diane Murphy Interiors, LLC.


Photo by J. Schwartz, LLC Remodeling & Fine Homebuilding

18. Upper West Side Studio

Photo by jba collective

19. Downtown Minneapolis

Photo by Katie Bassett Interiors

20. Suite 2801

Photo by Designs By Katy

21. Sunset Beach House

Photo by Johnson Homes of West Florida, Inc

22. Waterfront Shingle

Photo by HOBBS INC


Photo by Michelle Gage | Interior Designer

24. Saratoga Pool House

Photo by Mimi Snowden Design

25. Alameda Admiral’s House Remodel

Photo by New Avenue

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