61+ Contemporary and Modern Bathroom Tile Ideas to Design New Interior Looks

BATHROOM TILE IDEAS – Tile is essential item to excel the interior looks of bathroom. Not only the tile’s design fresh up the bathroom, but it is also mirror light, sturdy, and easy to clean.

You need some consideration before purchasing, so you can pick the best design of tiles for your bathroom. In the following, you can find various bathroom tile ideas to give you inspiration for your new interior looks.


Bathroom Tile Ideas

Marina Resoration

bathroom wall tile panels
Pett & Associates, LLC

For small bathroom, shimmery Contessa Arabesco Silver Leaf tiles from Walker Zanger can help to boost the look inside.

The bathroom tile ideas become more complete with the combination of tiny Tuscan 3/4 ceramic tiles, grey marble flooring tiles, off-white walls, marble countertops, undermount sink, and shaker cabinets.

Central Park West Condo Renovation Bathroom Ideas

bathroom tile
Sheila Rich Interiors, LLC

If you want to bring modern yet metro style inside the bathroom, small white wall tiles and metro mosaic floor tiles are the best. Moreover, the addition of light timber cupboards, furniture-like closets, wall-mount sink and toilet will complete the looks.

Stannage Opportunity Home

ceramic wall tiles bathroom
Ogawa Fisher Architects

Combining shade and tile on wall surfaces is the best way to maintain the wall surfaces look fresher and livelier. The strong blue color of tiles while enhanced with skylight ceiling help brightened the bathroom atmosphere.

Casa Corbino Ideas

bathroom tile patterns
Merzbau Design Collective

A glass-tile flooring is a great choice to make clean up the bathroom easier, especially for boys’ shared bathroom. You can apply Bunny Grey and Benjamin Moore for wall pain.

Then, choose Hakatai Slate Blue tiny mosaic tiles for flooring and Quail Gray for shower section. Both looks great with the glass-front closets as room divider to create two-piece bathroom.

Henry Clay Tile

bathroom tile shower designs
Henry Clay

You can use marble tile with little herringbone mosaic on the floor in the shower like in this visitor bathroom.

You can also enhance the look by creating 3 sizes of 12×24 marble tiles to produce a pleasing rhythm and pattern. Install the shower tile from floor to ceiling to emphasize space.

Henderson Road

bathroom ideas remodeling

Black and white combination of color in the bathroom is a great choice for those who love monochrome and simplicity. Between the all-white wall surfaces, the small touch of frieze of black highlighter tiles is perfect. Simply add darker shade with grey tile flooring and black closets.

Transitional Home Remodel

open plan bathroom
AMR Interior Design & Drafting Ltd.

Introducing bold colored and active patterned tiles in the bathroom is a clever choice. However, you should measure the right amount of style to prevent bewilder the area. Also, install the tiles in the right area to prevent dashes and spills.

Interior decoration

small bathroom decorating ideas pictures
Architect Your Home

Large-format tile with glossy coating is a great option to enhance the feeling of space. Moreover, it saves too much use of cement during installation and easier cleanup for later.

The red tile in one side, white walls in the other side, brownish floor bathroom design, with flat-panel cabinets turn the bathroom to be more stylish.

Front Street Condo

hotels with open bathrooms
Estee Design Inc.

All white bathroom is also nice with the present of small transitional 3/4 white tile, ceramic tile marble floor, furniture-like closets, white freestanding bathtub, quartzite countertops, and undermount sink.

The addition of color through soft grey walls and tone wood cupboards help to break the white domination.

Sandymount Residence – Extension & & Renovation

bathroom vanity lighting ideas
Optimise Design

Rich patterned tile in the bathroom helps to give great impact. Small stylish black and white patterned tiles from floor to ceiling in one part of the bathroom are cool. At the same time, white walls in the rest of the walls with white wall-mounted sink and bathroom soothe the looks.

Bathroom Tile Ideas Gallery

Adult Hideaway – New third Storey Addition with Bedroom as well as Ensuite

tile for bathroom shower
Studio Z Design

Here is all white yet not too boring bathroom design thanks to the 7.5×15 cm white tiles with plaid pattern installation. Moreover, the dark grout helps to stress the lines between tiles.

Meanwhile, the floors use hexagonal patterned-grey small tiles. Don’t forget the 60×60 cm plywood board, flat-panel closets, white closets, and incorporated sink.

Bringing the outdoors in- A Redondo Coastline, CA Enhancement

ideas for shower tile patterns
Custom Design & Construction

Sea blue travertine flooring and tile wainscot combination help to enhance cozy atmosphere in the bathroom.

Moreover, the hand-made ceramic snap tile with Lunada Bay Selenium Silk blend glass mosaic tile helps to comprise the wainscot tiles. There is also frameless shower piéce de résistance that enclosure with a wave cut top.

Turramurra bathroom

bathroom remodeling ideas for showers
Alix Helps Interiors

Although Turramurra bathroom has basic wall tile, but the “cement” patterned flooring tiles help bring modern design that drift the vanity away.

Soper Area, Ottawa Ideas

traditional bathroom ideas photo gallery
Terra Nova Building Corporation

The little white tile and rock beige tile floor from Bianco Winter season is a perfect combination. This Ottawa bathroom idea is completed with flat-panel cupboards, vessel sink, tool tone wood closets, and crafted quartz kitchen counters.

Tropical Apartment Bath

glass tile bathroom
Gloria Carlson – Harrell Remodeling, Inc.

Simply bring the tropical feeling into the bathroom with small touch of exotic blue tile wall and mosaic tile flooring.

Residential Remodel Design

glass tile in shower
Meriwether Inc

The design layout is called as step up as each tiny tile pressure bigger tiles in the pattern to relocate up to alight correctly.

In the result, the design produces a gentle tripped design. Moreover, the combination of pinwheel pattern blue and white tiles gives gentle feeling in the bathroom.

Kitsilano New Build

bathroom glass backsplash ideas
PURE Design Inc

Tesoro tile gives all-natural looks with the small transitional master white tile and mosaic tile ceramic flooring.

The bathroom design is complete with white cupboard, undermount sink, white wall surfaces, recessed-panel cupboards, and mirror with small detailed tile.

Basement Remodel Shakopee Tile

bathroom designs using glass tile
Sarah Bernardy Design

Beige is a nice color to create soothing design look in the bathroom. Look how beige walls meet creamy tile flooring and marble and grey tiles in the shower. The combination of soft brown cupboard and white countertops should get a thumb up.

Bamboo as well as stone with a hint

master bathroom shower remodel ideas
Michael Tauber Architecture

Include strong color for tiling such as red to emphasize the color combination. The small addition of red can be seen in the red tile porcelain and small seat in the shower.

Soothing the strong red color, grey flooring and white wall surface is a great option. Additionally, the bamboo presence from the crafted quartz kitchen counters and open cabinets are totally great.

Black industrial bathroom, Montreal

master bathroom shower tile layout
Caroline Bouffard Design

The element of rock tile is a great option to invite a spa-like appearance in the bathroom. The combination of black stone tiles walls and flooring while meeting the white walls and white big bathtub make the interior looks stunning and pleasing at the same time.

Small Bathroom Tile Ideas


master bathroom tiles

When the big mirror in the bathroom is framed by tiny modern 3/4 multicolored tiles, it looks outstanding. Meanwhile, the mosaic tile porcelain floor looks great with the gray cabinets, black countertop, drop-in sink, and the open closets.

1917 Cottage Bathroom Ideas

bathroom room ideas
Miró Rivera Architects

Gridding the bathroom walls with 3×3-inches square tiles is another great idea. You might think it would be too boring. However, the hexagonal floor tiles and timber wall background makes the bathroom look more appealing.

Gramercy Park Job: Interior Design New York City: ELISE SOM

dorm room bathroom ideas
Elise Som

When white tile is combined with a little light dark and gold, it will look elegant. For shower idea, you can use the design of small transitional 3/4 white tile and rock tile ceramic floor.

Bathroom Room Ideas

powder room bathroom ideas

The combination of a small modern master gray tile, white tile and also ceramic tile porcelain floor will look great for your bathroom with the background of white wall surfaces. Then, install flat-panel closets, drop-in sink, and white cabinets to complete the design.

Little 9×9 Bathroom with Excellent Design

bathroom ideas for small bathrooms
Robin LaMonte/Rooms Revamped

Browny looks is an excellent choice for bathroom design. The interior looks stronger when the brown ceramic tile for walls and flooring meet dark timber closets. Instead, the blue blind make the room look better.

Standard master bathroom, Austin, Texas

bathroom color ideas
BRY design

Designing a master bathroom like this is challenging. So, glass tile from bottom to top can help to expand the room space. Moreover, thanks to the big mirror, the bathroom becomes more sensational and brighter.

La Jolla Coastline Cottage Tile

master bathroom ideas
CM Natural Designs

A small addition of green tile accent within all-white brick formatted tile walls make the look of the shower more appealing. The green geometric tile flooring definitely makes the room livelier. Don’t forget, the addition of bronze or silvery equipment provides both stylish and classic looks.

Edgewater Chicago 2 Bathrooms Remodel Job

bathroom shower tile
Chi Renovation & Design

Brick patterned white walls behind the bathtub add lines to the white wall surfaces. Meanwhile, the octagon designed black and white tile flooring draws your focus downward. The addition of grey color from the blind and door are enough to make the room’s look stronger.

Blue-tiled major bathroom with slipper bathroom as well as geometric flooring – Hove

bathroom tile ideas for shower walls
The Brighton Bathroom Company

If you like unique geometrics tiles in the bathroom, this Moroccan-style design is on trend. Besides that, the blue tiles and blue bathtub make the room feel like in the underwater.

Modern cabinets in limited bathroom

bathroom shower tile ideas
Michael Tauber Architecture

You might feel the hand-made red glass tiles look somehow uneven. But, at the same time, it provides strong look in this cozy bathroom. The backlighting and bamboo veneer cabinets make the interior feel warmer.

Bathroom Tile Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Moorish Bathroom

photos bathroom tile ideas
Bay Area Home Design

If you want to have Moorish styled bathroom, this design idea would be great featuring hand-painted Spain tiles, hand-painted mirror, custom-made cabinets, and personalized doors. The special arched top design in the bathtub corner and window frame offers great looks.

DePaul House

bathroom shower tile ideas pictures

Porcelain floor tiles with various colors in the shower look like the real stones. Nevertheless, the combination of soft blue walls, grey ceramic shower walls, and white cabinets make the room cozier.

Visitor Bathroom

bathroom wall tile
De Mattei Construction

This visitor bathroom has stylish looks thanks to grey tile and rock tile ceramic floor. Meanwhile, the vessel sink, flat-panel closets, white cabinets, as well as white wall surfaces enhance the overall looks.

Old bathroom, new style

bathroom wall tile ideas
Ehlen Creative Communications

Aloe from The Tile Shop provides the shade of the matte glass tile in the bathroom. The brick-layout from bottom to top blue tiles creates a special corner of bathtub within the bathroom.

Contemporary Bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom
Contemporary Bathroom

Small 3/4 white tile with ceramic tile porcelain floor also can be materials to design contemporary bathroom. With the addition of a vessel sink, tool tone wood cupboards, crafted quartz counter tops, and a one-piece commode, it looks better.

Elwood Apartment or condo

bathroom tile
Kate Challis Interiors

The other bathroom tile ideas with monochrome design comes from this bathroom. Well, you might disagree with tile from the floor to the ceiling. However, the combination of white walls, black cupboards, black door, wall-mount sink, laminate countertops are not bad.

Studio avec terrasse sous les toits Ideas

bathroom wall tile panels
Marion Rocher

In contrast, this studio bathroom uses tiny black tiles all over the walls, even the cupboards. Meanwhile, the white color is presence only through the bathtub and closet. It is a good option to bring dramatic look inside the bathroom.

Gee Road, London

ceramic wall tiles bathroom

How about choose hexagonal tiles for the overall tiling? While the tiles on the wall are in uniform, you can choose colorful tiles for flooring. Furthermore, the copper fittings on the matt grey wall tiles are a nice choice.

Cross St Tile

bathroom tile shower designs
Caroline McCredie

Small hexagon grey marble tiles help to develop a mosaic on the flooring. Meanwhile, the all-white wall tiles with brick layout emphasize the small space into larger.

Palo Alto Guest Cottage Sink

bathroom tile patterns
Mark Reilly Architecture

Small transitional white tile all over the walls include the bathtub help to soothe the strong patterns from the black-white floor tiles.

Photos Bathroom Tile Ideas

Cosgriff House

bathroom ideas remodeling
Christopher Polly Architect

Blue always receive great welcome in the bathroom, particularly when paired with white background. In this bathroom, the tiles made from a mix of clays that pushed tight into shaped then fired in a kiln at heats.

Pound Ridge, NY

small bathroom decorating ideas pictures
Rayon Richards Photography

Well, the design is very busy detailed with small-hexagonal colorful tiles overall the bathroom from bottom to top. However, the sink and cupboard are good niche.

Union Square Mix Bathroom

bathroom vanity lighting ideas
Union Square Combination

The traditional white and navy blue pattern maintains the tidy and exciting looks in the bathroom. Yet, the white walls background tends to make the room look brighter.

Superior Home

bathroom remodeling ideas for showers
Superior Home

Not only from the floor to the walls, but you can also run the tiles up into the ceiling. This design actually can help to bring extra luxurious feeling in the bathroom.

The Q Ideas

traditional bathroom ideas photo gallery
Kamm Architecture

Modern, stylish, and still feel cozy. The big square white tiles with glossy look make the bathroom looks larger.

Upper West Side Condo Improvement

bathroom glass backsplash ideas
Hsu McCullough

A strong look comes from the use of small black rock tiles all over the walls. Meanwhile, the white wall-mount sink contrast the look. Thanks to big mirror, the room looks twice larger.

Bowling Environment-friendly Residence Tile

 master bathroom shower remodel ideas
Studio Z Design

A small corner in your bathroom should at least look friendly. The patterned white tile on the background walls gives a break to all-white room.

Adult Retreat – New third Floor Enhancement with Bedroom and also Ensuite

master bathroom shower tile layout
Facet 14 Studio

Here is another all white brick tiles design for your bathroom. The differences is the silvery wall-mounted sink and water tap that make the design more stylish.

Chelsea Brownstone Apartment Or Condo

master bathroom tiles
Nova Tayona Architects

The design is straightforward with all white tiles. Nonetheless, the flooring tiles contrast the upward looks.

Residence in Toronto 1

bathroom room ideas
Alma em Design

The shower corner has special design with tiny hexagonal blue tiles for a look that remembers surging waves. Meanwhile, the brownish floor and wood kitchen counters add additional hue inside.

Bathroom Tile Ideas for Shower Walls

Apartamento pequeno e colorido em São Paulo

dorm room bathroom ideas
Braswell Design+Build

The commemoration of black, white and grey can create warm looks inside the bathroom. Black tile top and dots pattern from floor tiles lead to enjoyable impact, while the grey painted walls calm the looks.

N. Arlington – Three Lovely Baths

powder room bathroom ideas

For one piece bathroom, tiny modern 3/4 white tile ceramic is a good match, but black tile flooring offer stylish and timeless looks.

Upper East Side Apartment

bathroom ideas for small bathrooms
Eclipse Designs Inc. by Rhona Chartouni

Bring sea adventure feeling inside the bathroom by playing with blue and white. The stripped layout on the walls and floors that actually formed by tiny tiles provide great details. Special ceiling wallpaper bring fantasy into the reality.

Harbor Drive House

bathroom color ideas
Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins, Inc.

The tiles are painted in a transparent paint that glowing in the dark that give more fun in the bathroom. Moreover, the sophisticated addition is the hard-wired motion sensor nightlight that helps saving your electricity expenses.

Piedmont Bathroom And Kitchen

master bathroom ideas
Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers

You can use basic 3×6-inches dimension for the white gloss tiles above the bathtub. I like the blue salted egg color for the walls that compliment the white tiles.

Retro Bathroom in Midtown Delaware

bathroom shower tile
Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers

The cement as design attribute between wall surface subway tiles is nicely linked to the gray. At the same time, marble flooring turns the design more luxurious.

The golden state Mediterranean

bathroom tile ideas for shower walls
Mattingly Thaler Architecture

Do you remember the tiles around swimming pool? Well, this design has similar looks. The blue tile colors might remind you of Mediterranean crystal clear water.

Steveston Townhouse Bathroom

best tile for bathroom floor and shower
The Spotted Frog Designs

Use porcelain tile RFW1224 by Ames Tile & & Stone to design your bathroom like this. The gray cupboard is perfect match for the background of white brick tiles walls.

A Clean and also Light Retro Bathroom

bathroom shower tile ideas
Christopher’s Kitchen & Bath

Want a retro looks in your bathroom? Add brown brick-layout tiles in some part of the walls, then brown small tiles flooring. Although the browny tiles have great contrast to the white walls, but you get a great bathroom tiles ideas.

A location to wash

photos bathroom tile ideas

Colin Cadle Photography

White shower corner with pale gray floor tiles is a nice combination of interior colors. Definitely, this is the best location to wash.

Milburn Bathroom Enhancement

bathroom shower tile ideas pictures
Andrew Mikhael Architect

This bathroom has the most impressive looks due to its patterned and various colored tile with porcelain multicolored tile marble flooring. However, the design might too strong for some people.

Whole Residence Remodel In Brentwood Ideas

bathroom wall tile
Mega Builders

The combination of tile’s accent is a whole new level. The overall looks are impressive, especially the details of stone tiles in small part of the walls and floors.


bathroom wall tile ideas
Town & Country Kitchen and Bath

A small 3/4 multicolored tile looks colorful, yet ageless. The undermount sink, shaker closet, white cupboard with colorful glass countertops are perfect addition to the bathroom.

So, which one of bathroom tile ideas is your favorite?


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