25+ Best Bathroom Mirror Ideas For a Small Bathroom

Bathroom Mirror Ideas – Nowadays, the bathroom mirror already becomes one of the most important parts in a bathroom because most of the people like to use a mirror after taking a bath. Moreover, a bathroom mirror also does not need a big space because it will be put on the wall. In addition to its function, a bathroom mirror also can give extra value to the bathroom.

Well, there are so many bathroom mirror ideas that you can apply to your bathroom remodeling. Somehow, you may not know the best bathroom mirror ideas to choose from. So, if you really want to build a bathroom with a nice large mirror on the wall, then you may consider these following bathroom mirror ideas for a small bathroom.

Multi-Mirrors – Bathroom Mirror Ideas


A minimalist bathroom only needs some small mirrors that are perfect to attach to the wall behind the vanity. This nice bathroom mirror idea looks so modern despite it has a basic rustic vanity.

Even though this mirror does not look bigger, it still can make space look larger when you see it in the mirror. So, it is perfect if you want to feel spacious when taking a shower.

Long as well as Lean

bathroom mirror storage ideas

You need to consider an array that becomes an important part of a bathroom when you want to place a mirror inside. You may try a bathroom mirror idea inspired by Lori denis who builds a nice restroom mirror a little higher with classic black wooden vanity.

This mirror may focus on its function and it is only suitable for an adult bathroom.

Fun Bathroom Mirrors


You can even make your bathroom look so fun based on this bathroom mirror idea. Perhaps, this is the most suitable one for the kids’ bathroom. Simply, you only need to design the bathroom with two mirrors which are completed with wall-mounted lamps.

Not only that, you can also choose a mirror that has sea motifs, zoo pet motifs, and flower motifs. It will look so perfect when you draw the motifs on the wall to add more value to space.

Hollywood Design Vanity Mirror


You can try to create a Hollywood themed bathroom using a large mirror. Simply, you can put a large mirror higher and then put two wall mounted lights on the left and the right side.

Meanwhile, using vanities with double faucets is also a good choice, but you can make it lower. Of course, this concept will make your bathroom look more adorable and trendy.

Huge Mirrors – Bathroom Mirror Ideas

traditional bathroom mirror ideas

You can try to have a huge mirror on your bathroom wall to make it look more spacious. In this case, you also can remove the frame of the mirror to make it look more incredible.

Most of the women may love this huge mirror when they dress up in the bathroom. However, you need a larger room to make it happen.

Attempt Multiple Mirrors

bathroom mirror trim ideas

Multiple mirrors with a round large framing mirror is a great option if you want to have a modern apartment bathroom concept. It looks perfect when you also pick gray and silver accents for the wall and the accessories.

This bathroom mirror idea has a very attractive design for a restroom concept. Many homeowners really wish to have this bathroom mirror because it looks outstanding.

Antique Mirror Frames

tiny bathroom mirror ideas

Maybe, you really like collecting some antique items, but you do not know how to apply it to your room. Now, you can choose your bathroom as the place to put your antique mirror frame to make the bathroom looks more old-fashioned and retro.

This bathroom mirror will be more harmonious if you combine with some perfect accents such as white and gray. The shape of the frame itself may vary according to your wishes.

Mosaic Mirror Frames

bathroom vanity mirror lighting ideas

This mosaic themed bathroom uses a beautiful mirror in gold accent. Maybe, it looks usual when you see the frame, but it really looks perfect because it matches the concept.

In this case, you can put two wall mounted lamps next to the mirror. Meanwhile, you can choose a large vanity with bigger storage. The white and gray accents make the bathroom become more precious for modern homes.

Detached House – Hampstead

plain bathroom mirror ideas

This becomes one of the most favorite bathroom mirror idea which is suitable for an apartment bathroom. In this case, you can use two vanity systems under your a large mirror. Meanwhile, it is your decision to choose the shape of the mirror whether you prefer round and square mirror.

To make it more harmonious, you can choose a neutral accent for the wall and the floor so that the room will look more spacious through the mirror.

Walnut Veneer Vanity

bathroom mirror decorating ideas

This is an incredible and modern bathroom that has double mirrors and double vanities. This concept is really suitable to bring futuristic value to a restroom in many malls, hospitals, and even hotels.

Well, You do not need to apply two large mirrors on the wall, but you can choose the compact ones. Two frameless mirrors are enough to make the bathroom look more elegant with its all-white scheme.

Contemporary Bathroom

bathroom mirror remodel ideas

The contemporary bathroom is another nice bathroom that has a special mirror concept. This bathroom is basically a minimalist bathroom, but it uses a mirror to make it look bigger.

In this case, you may try to use a frameless mirror attached to the wall. Using wall-mounted vanity will bring the contemporary value to the room along with its tiny storage to keep your item safe.

Los Gatos Bathroom Remodel

over mirror bathroom lighting ideas

This cool bathroom remodel becomes an amazing inspiration for all homeowners in the world because you can enhance your storage with double mirrors hanged on the wall. It looks like a wall mounted tiny cabinet with a built-in mirror.

Though the mirror is relatively small, this idea can still make the room look awesome and functional. Meanwhile, the additional storage under two vanities creates a different atmosphere. The combination of white and dark brown can even make the room look more natural.

Wyckoff St Townhouse Interior – Master Bathroom

round bathroom mirror ideas

Using a very large mirror will make your bathroom as if it has a twin when you look through the mirror. This bathroom mirror idea is perfect for such a small bathroom which needs a different perspective.

Meanwhile, you can use a white accent for your main theme, but you can also combine it with other colors like green, blue, and red. Simply, you can use a glassy green shower door that will illuminate in the dark.

Master Bath – Bathroom Mirror Ideas

hanging bathroom mirror ideas

It is a luxurious bathroom that is only owned by a rich person and it has a special natural theme in white and dark brown accent. Meanwhile, the mirror used is not too big, but it uses a double mirror with thin framing.

Double vanities also make the bathroom become more useful. Usually, this bathroom concept is used in an apartment because there is also a bathtub which can add more value to the room itself.

Beverly Hills Family Dwelling

corner bathroom mirror ideas

This is the most beautiful and futurist bathroom concept for a modern idea. Well, the bathroom mirror idea makes everybody interested in trying this concept. In this case, you only need to put a single mirror that looks like a window next to your rear window.

As you see your face through the mirror, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the outside. This bathroom looks more sophisticated when you choose a light gray accent on its wall and white accent for the flooring.

Washroom – Bathroom Mirror Ideas

bathroom mirror makeover ideas

It is an adorable bathroom concept that uses a tiny mirror mounted on the wall. It is suitable for a small bathroom and you do not want to make it look crowded with some items. In this case, you do not use so many items inside the bathroom.

Moreover, the color selected is dark to make it more masculine. However, you may try to choose a white vanity that resembles a bathtub and it is so unique for a main bathroom.

Marin County Home

half bathroom mirror ideas

Marin County Home is an amazing bathroom mirror idea that uses a round mirror with gold framing. In a glimpse, you will not realize that it is a mirror until you go and see your face through it.

The white scheme selected makes everything so bright and clean. Moreover, you also can add some tiny accessories under the mirror and use a compact vanity with a modern faucet. The extra value lies in the storage you use to store some items in the bathroom.

The Vicarage – Georgian Quality II listed

bathroom mirror cabinet ideas

In America, many homeowners wish to have this incredible bathroom concept with a retro mirror idea. This nice bathroom looks gorgeous with its contours. The mirror used is quite bigger that brings spacious value to the room.

The bathroom itself is small where you can put your shower room made from glass doors. The combination of white and silver accent seems so perfect and luxurious along with simple sink used with modern stainless steel plumbing system.

Cat Mountain, Greenbelt Residences, Austin TX

unique bathroom mirror ideas

When you want to remodel your bathroom with something special and different, this cat mountain bathroom mirror idea can be your best choice. Well, you may use two simple mirrors with black wooden framing.

Apparently, you are recommended to paint the wall with a white accent so it will create an open space atmosphere. A simple vanity that has some simple decorations make the bathroom look more spectacular in style and design.

Sunset Plaza – Bathroom Mirror Ideas

unique bathroom mirror ideas

When you prefer to live in an apartment, it is a nice decision to build a bathroom with a large glass window so you can view the beautiful scenery in white bathing. But, you also must not forget to apply a large mirror on the wall that faces to the window so it can reflect everything.

The accent selected must be white in order to give more brightness when you use the bathroom at night. Overall, this bathroom concept is perfect for a small apartment bathroom to save space.

The Church Conversion

plain bathroom mirror ideas

This modern bathroom concept looks so spacious because it uses a glass door and wall. In addition, you also use a very large mirror which makes the room look so bigger and functional.

Everything is in white scheme including the cabinet used under the vanity. Meanwhile, you also see the same accent for the mirror frame. This bathroom seems so expensive to imitate, but if you have enough money, it is not impossible to pick this one.

Lorraine Vale – Bathroom Mirror Ideas

homemade bathroom mirror ideas

It is a wonderful idea that makes your bathroom look unique and beautiful. The bathroom may be usual, but when it comes with the mirror, it looks so different because you use two Arabian styled mirrors with four tiny mounted lamps beside them.

Though the mirrors are relatively tiny, the room looks spacious because you do not use so many items. There are only two vanities and a large cabinet without a shower room.

Crabapple – Bathroom Mirror Ideas

half bathroom mirror ideas

It is an illusion that is created through a mirror. This bathroom mirror idea seems so amazing because you can try to use two round mirrors and there are some hanging lamps in front of the mirror to create a camouflage effect.

The sink used is very futuristic in white accent and simple automatic faucets that are suitable for public facility restroom.

Zelda Josephs – Bathroom Mirror Ideas

bathroom mirror ideas double vanity

When you want to make your bathroom look natural, it is necessary to use a frameless mirror attached to the wall. You also only need to use a small sink to save space. There is also a built-in storage on the wall to put some accessories or decorations.

The bathroom contour seems so perfect in light brown abstract tiles along with its white bathtub to make the room become more interesting. Overall, this bathroom is suitable for any kinds of bathroom remodeling without leaving the natural value.

Artcraft Granite, Marble & Tile Co

bathroom mirror ideas small bathroom

Mirror mirror on the wall surface area. Get a number of used frameworks at any type of garage sale, dust them off, repaint them your favored shade in addition to apply a mirror to the back.

Mount your brand-new prizes precisely top of your existing shower room mirror. You just could uncover that your master restroom will certainly be the fairest of them all.

Bhatia – Bathroom Mirror Ideas

big bathroom mirror ideas

Use uncommon light locations. This master toilet (which could have a residence window we could not see) reveals perfect usage indirect lighting to spread light throughout an area. An easy light under the increased vanity aids lighten exactly what otherwise would be a dark corner.

These washroom mirror concepts might be your following do it yourself job this weekend break. Standard mirror improvements such as updating your old washroom mirror is easy. Some mirror tips may be a bit a lot more difficult such as producing mirror mosaic sides could take a weekend break to end up, yet are still rewarding bathroom upgrades.

You could furthermore upgrade your washroom by changing your wall surface color, updating your light along with your pipes components.

As a matter of fact, there are numerous approaches making your restroom one of the most impressive area in your residence; all you require is time along with the perseverance to do it.

Bathroom Mirror Ideas

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