23+ Cool Basement Bathroom Ideas On Budget, Check It Out!!

BASEMENT BATHROOM IDEAS – A basement is considered as a separated section in the house. Whatever the function of your basement is, whether it is for a working space, library, or a playground, adding a bathroom is a necessity. While you are in the basement and need to go to a bathroom, you won’t need to go upstairs because the bathroom is there in the basement. There are plenty of basement bathroom ideas that you can adapt based on your needs.

A Cost-Saving Basement Bathroom

In order to build a basement bathroom, you will need to select fixtures and products. Tell your plumber or interior designer about your budget. It is important to set a price range at first and stick to it.

Averagely, it needs more or less $15,000 to build a basement bathroom measuring 6 x 8 feet with 8-foot ceilings. The very first thing to do is to decide how big your bathroom is and what items needed. By planning everything in advanced, you won’t be over budget.

A Bathroom with Comfortable Flooring

For a bathroom in a basement, it is very crucial to pay attention to flooring installation. Improper installation will cause moisture and even flooding. No wonder that building a basement bathroom requires lots of restoration works to deal with moisture issues and bad effects of temperature.

Flooring for a basement bathroom should be livable and warm so anyone can stand the space. Cold and uninviting flooring should be avoided. One of the best basement bathroom ideas is a hard-tile bathroom since it has an ability to keep the floor comfortable and warm.

Moreover, hard tiles survive any moisture. You might want to have a wood look. Unfortunately wood and laminate flooring is not suitable for bathroom. A wood look can be achieved with porcelain tiles with wood patterns.

However, ceramic or porcelain tiles are not cheap. For a less expensive options, vinyl plank flooring is a great idea. This flooring option gives a luxury feel without stretching your budget.

Color Options

Color is another important factor when it comes to choose basement bathroom ideas. It is not easy to select a shade for bathroom walls. There are things to consider like the amount of natural light, a preferred style, and sort of. If there’s not enough natural light, choose light and neutral colors such as white and light blue.

Small Basement Bathroom

For a small basement, of course it is impossible to build a big bathroom. Having a small one is not a problem, though. As long as the tiny space is designed to achieve the impression of height, it will look fine.

One of the design ideas is to add floor-to-ceiling shelves where you can put toiletries and towels. It is also important to use light and neutral colors to make the room brighter thus it will automatically look larger. For a more sophisticated look, vertical graphic elements can be used on the walls.

Walk-in Shower

Obviously, adding a basement bathroom is not an easy project. The project is big and it requires complicated things to deal with. However, you should not need to be worried about that as you can always hire a professional to get the job done. You will be offered some You will be offered some effective basement bathroom ideas that will work for your space. One of them may include a walk-in shower.

A walk-in shower comes with no doors so it is best used for a small space. Not only does it save space, it also has a stylish design. This design is suitable for anyone who seek for spacious and open showering experience in an indulgent way. Generally this design option consists of a shower tray and screen. There is no need to open any door letting you step straight into the shower.

There are a number of benefits that you can get from a walk-in shower. First of all, it works for nearly any rooms as long as the room does not come with low eaves which can lead to difficult position in the room. The second benefit is the ease to clean the bathroom.

There are less corners and fixtures to clean so it will save your time and energy. The use of fewer parts also makes this type of bathroom more durable. Last but not least, a walk-in shower is easily accessible for wheel chair users. Due to these reasons, no wonder if a walk-in shower becomes one of the most popular basement bathroom ideas.

Bathtub vs Shower

Deciding to have bathtub or shower for your basement bathroom can be difficult. It needs a careful plan to choose between the two options. For example, if you plan to have a bathtub, you have to make sure that there is space for that. The decision will affect the plumbing session. So, it is also crucial to talk with your plumber about your decision.

Basement Bathroom Decoration

Adding a basement bathroom is not just about plumbing works. It also includes the decoration of the bathroom. After the hardest part of the work, which is the plumbing section is done, it is time to think about the color, the style, the lights, and so on.

There might be plenty basement bathroom ideas but for colors, stick to light shades and neutrals as they create comfortable vibe and reflect the lights. For a small room, they are also able to visually enlarge the room.

When it comes to bathroom decoration, there many styles to refer to such as modern, rustic, farmhouse, minimalist, traditional, and the like. Every style has its own characteristics. For example retro bathrooms have lots of brass fixtures and furnishings while industrial bathrooms use lots of metal materials. You can always add other accents that suit your personal taste.

It is important to involve your creativity within the décor to make room more personalized. The use of materials can create a relaxing ambiance in the bathroom. For example, wood and metal can be combined together. Or, you can make use various tiles with stones. Don’t be afraid to be out of the box especially if it is your private bathroom.

Lights in Basement Bathroom

Choosing the proper lights is another crucial thing. The very first thing that you reach when walking into a bathroom is the light switch. There are lots of ideas for types of lights that can be used such as vanity lights, ceiling lights, floor lamps, pendant lightings, and more.

Every type of lighting can generate certain mood. In addition to the types, there also some different finishes like nickel, chrome, and bronze. The most popular lighting option is LED bathroom lighting. This option is very stylish and can bring unique illumination for your bathroom space.

It happens in most bathroom that there is lack of natural light. So, make sure that the lights are bright enough. It is also important that to protect the lights from water as basements tend to be damp.

Combined Rooms

If space is an issue, why don’t you think about combining a bathroom and a laundy room? This can be a clever idea to solve the problem related to limited space in a basement. Two rooms are merged into one functional area. The floor plan might not be easy but it does not mean that combining two rooms is not possible. For your information, adding a laundry area can also increase the value of your whole house. So, why not giving it a try?

There are things to think about if you want to combine a bathroom and a laundry room. In order to be successful in the project, things such as drawing the layout, installing appliances, and providing storage space, and working with the ventilation should be put in mid.

Storage Ideas for Basement Bathroom

A basement bathroom does not need to always have lots of storage space especially if the bathroom is rarely used. So, it all depends on how often the room is used. Still, a space for storing toiletries should be present. The most common way is to install a cabinet under the sink.

This kind of cabinet can be very useful to store things such as towels, soaps, and so forth. Other ideas include storage shelves installed on the wall, baskets hung on the walls, and a hair tool organizer. All of these will make you get ready quickly.

Ventilated Bathroom

Having enough ventilation is very important for a bathroom particularly the one in a basement. Inadequate ventilation can cause some problems such as mold and water stains. Talking about ventilation, you have to deal with heating bills as well. To save the bills, it is recommended that the vents run through the wall to the outside.

Spa Bathroom Ideas

Have you ever thought about turning your basement bathroom into a spa bathroom? It can be a brilliant idea to try. With some ideas in mind, you don’t need lots of money to create spa bathrooms. They often have a minimalist and simple design. In order to create a shooting vibe in the basement bathroom, using white linens will help.

The white linens work well with neutral pallets and natural wood tones. This combination is able to create a more humble area. The present of wooden accessories can enhance and complete the look.

Other things that should be present in a spat bathroom are relaxing scents and music. A Bluetooth speaker can be used in the shower area. Meanwhile the relaxing scents can be achieved through scented soap and plants. Are you interested in trying these relaxing basement bathroom ideas?

Industrial Chic Basement Bathroom

An Industrial chic bathroom is not as much popular as other styles. Not many people know about this idea. This can be a great idea, though. Steel and copper furnishings and appliances can generate an industrial feel. Besides, the bath that is used in this style is the skirted freestanding one.

This style of bath can really bring a vibe of an industrial edge. For the walls, painted brickwork is usually used. Some leave one brick wall exposed and treat with masonry sealant. All materials used should be waterproof.

For tiles, most bathroom interior designers will recommend metro tiles that look classic. They really can create a relaxing industrial vibe especially when combined with overhead lighting. It is okay, however, to have a wall lighting positioned next to a mirror. For a timeless industrial feel, caged sconces and scissor lamps can be great ideas.

Modern Basement Bathroom

Some people prefer to design their basement bathroom in modern design. This is one of the most popular basement bathroom ideas. The main reason for picking this style is because it worls for almost any rooms. Modern style can be reached through the use of bright lighting, neutral walls, and a few of appliances. Modern bathrooms generally make use of rain showers and flowing basins. These are the norms for this style.

Sometimes, the neutral colors are combined with one or two stronger colors. The bold colors serve as the focal point of the bathroom. This is also a way to avoid plain and boring look of a bathroom. You can try some popular combinations such as red and black, white and purple, and sort of. It is very fun to play with colors. Every combination conveys different meaning. It can be powerful, sexy, or classic.

Adding Plants to Basement Bathroom

The easiest way to decorate a bathroom is to add greeneries. Not only can they add beauty to the room, plants can also improve the air quality, increase energy, and contribute to better mental health. Because of these reasons, many people add plants in their bathroom.

However, not every plant can survive in a bathroom. Things like temperature, position, humidity, and lighting should be considered. Some plants that can thrive in this damp area are Aloe Vera, Cacti, Lilies, and Begonia. These plants are easy to take care of. More importantly, they can turn your boring bathroom into a perfect sanctuary and help you reduce stress.

Cool Basement Bathroom Ideas On Budget, Check It Out!!

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