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Baby Cockroach – The cockroach is a kind of dark brown insect and looks disgusting. At first glance, silent cockroaches seem normal, but when they move, these cockroaches can slip into your closet. You can’t even catch cockroaches easily because the movements are so agile. Besides, an adult cockroach can fly when it feels threatened.

In fact, if you just let the cockroaches stay in your house, the cockroaches can multiply or regenerate through cockroach eggs. This cockroach egg can accommodate so many baby cockroaches. When the eggs lay, adult roaches look for a place to store eggs until they hatch. In this discussion, we will talk about the baby cockroach and how to root baby cockroaches from your home.

Cockroach Metamorphosis

types of cockroaches

A cockroach belongs to an animal that does imperfect metamorphosis in their lives. The imperfect metamorphosis is because it does not go through the pupa or cocoon phase. Cockroach metamorphosis process is only through 3 phases with the first sequence of the egg phase, then the nymph phase, and the adult cockroach phase.

Egg Stage

The metamorphosis of cockroaches begins with the stage of the egg. Cockroach eggs are obtained from the fertilization of female eggs by male cockroach spermatozoa cells. Female mother cockroaches will generally lay eggs contained on the soil surface or waste.

More often, cockroach eggs are found in areas that are rarely passed by people. Cockroach eggs will hatch between 1 to 2 months depending on the type and species of the parent. From the eggs that hatch will come out the nymphs or young cockroaches.

Nimfa Stage

After the eggs hatch, nymphs or baby cockroaches will come out. the nymphs are very small resembling rice lice in white. The nymphs can move freely looking for food until they grow and turn brown. At the beginning of this phase, nymphs do not have wings.

In the process of cockroach metamorphosis, the nymph phase is passed for 60 days with 4 to 7 times instar or change the skin. Every time the skin changes, the new nymph skin will get harder. The small wings just start out in the last instar phase before entering the imago phase.

Imago Stage

After passing the period of the last instar, cockroach nymphs have begun to have 2 pairs of wings. In this phase, the imago begins. Adult cockroaches or imago finally have strong wings that allow them to fly. At the beginning of the imago phase, young cockroaches are smaller.

They will grow bigger until they are ready to do the reproductive process. The stage of imago lasts for 200 days and the female cockroaches can produce eggs 8 to 20 times before they eventually die.

Understanding The Life of Cockroaches

Do Cockroaches Lay Eggs

Female cockroaches can produce 10 up to 40 cockroach eggs in one period. On average, the female releases 30 eggs in its life. Young hatching cockroaches look the same as adult cockroaches, but they are smaller and without wings. Depending on the type and conditions, cockroaches can live up to 12 months. These insects are cold-blooded animals and develop in warm and humid conditions.

Cockroaches usually like to live in the kitchen area or other food preparation areas, so they can get foods and leftover as well as access to the water. Some of the cockroaches’ favorite places are including wall cracks, limited space such as behind your refrigerator, kitchen, and under a pile of books, newspapers, and boxes; house furniture, kitchen cabinets, under the sink, around the heater, and plumbing system.

Sometimes, you can also find some cockroaches in your bathroom because they really like a wet area. Not only that, cockroaches can also be found inside your closet and they live under your clothes. If you do not check your closet and clean it, then they may make your clothes damaged.

Why Cockroaches Come to Your House

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Of course, there are some reasons why cockroaches may enter your house. Basically, the emergence of cockroaches is similar to the emergence of a rat. Rats are also disgusting and they also like something dirty. Perhaps, you can consider these following reasons why cockroaches come to your house.

Your environment is dirty

Undeniably, cockroaches really like dirty environment. Usually, these cockroaches live in the trash because there are so many leftovers in the trash. Moreover, the trash area is also humid and also smells bad.

You keep your food open

If you forget to keep your food in the refrigerator, it may invite some cockroaches because these cockroaches are really hungry. You will not realize that the cockroaches are already contaminating your foods.

Cockroaches enter through pipes

Your plumbing system is the way of cockroaches to enter your house. You have to check your water pipe and always keep it clean so that the cockroaches will not enter through it.

Cockroaches regenerate so fast

As it is explained above, cockroaches can produce eggs when they are adult. Then, it only takes one up to two months until the egg hatches. So, it is not impossible that the emergence of cockroaches at your home because they have multiplied.

They can build a nest in any places

Since cockroaches are small, they can find so many places to live and built a nest. They even can build a nest inside your remote control. You never realize that the cockroaches have been living in your remote control for many years.

The Dangers of Cockroaches for Health

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It is undeniable that baby cockroaches and adult cockroaches are dangerous for human. So, it is important for you to kill cockroaches just in case you find them at home. What are the dangers of cockroaches or baby cockroaches? Of course, cockroaches are not good for our health. You can read these following health issues that you may happen to you if you let cockroaches live in your house.

Baby cockroaches can enter your ears

You have to know that baby cockroaches are very small and they grow up slowly day by day. Firstly, these cockroaches are white and then their skin changes into brown as the wings also appear. Since they are quite small, they can enter any holes including your ears. If you sleep in a dirty area, then the baby cockroaches may enter your ears. Once they enter your ears, they will not easily get out and it must be suffering.

Food contamination

Cockroaches may live in a house and they will eat anything. In addition to human foods, they also eat animals, dead plant, glue, furniture, cloths, soap, skin, papers, and much more. As they get inside your house at night, they will come to your food and pup on the food and urinate on the food.

Of course, if you do not realize it until you eat the contaminated foods, then it will cause some health conditions. You may feel sick and stomachache or you will also vomit because the food is not good anymore.

Breeding of disease-causing bacteria

Cookroach’s salive is also dangerous for our health. When cockroaches eat your foods, they put their saliva and digestive fluids from the mouth to contaminate it with bacteria and germs that grow in their intestines. According to a research, Pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteria is able to regenerate extensively in the cockroaches intestines. Certainly, it may cause some diseases like digestive problems, urinary tract infections, and sepsis (blood poisoning).

Cockroach bites

Some types of cockroaches are known to bite humans. Cockroach bite may be rare, but if your house is inhibited by cockroaches, you must be careful because they may bite your toes, nails, and soft parts of the skin which will cause wound and sweling. The bite may make your skin swollen and causes redness. You will also feel itchy on the bite area. So, you must take immediate action to relieve it. Otherwise, it will make it even worse.


Cockroaches may also cause allergies. The saliva secretion that comes from its mouth some parts of its body may contain so many allergens which will cause unwanted reactions. You may suffer from a sneezing and skin rash. Moreover, cockroaches also smell bed and it can also make you sick. Somehow, you have to clean your house regularly just in case you do not want this to happen to you.


Cockroaches may become the worst animals who are suffering from asthma. The asthma condition will get an increase if there are so many cockroaches in a house. Cockroach allergens may also cause dangerous complications, and it can also make people die. Even for those who do not have asthma, they may also develop asthma due to inhaling cockroach allergens.

Getting Rid of Cockroaches

How To Kill Roach Eggs

How to eliminate cockroaches from your house? There are actually some effective ways in order to get rid of cockroaches from your house.

Ammonia solution

Cockroaches often hide in water pipes. Make a mixture of ammonia and water and then pour it in a disposal solution to clean the pipe. The stinging ammonia smell will prevent cockroaches from nesting in the pipe.


Mothballs can be very effective in combating insects, including cockroaches. Put some camphor in places you want to be free of cockroaches. Always be careful when using this object, keep it out of reach of children.


Add food in a clear jar while you can let the jar covered with grease. Leave it overnight. Cockroaches will be trapped into the jar because the walls are slippery by grease.


A solution that is usually used as an antiseptic for gargling can also work as a disinfectant in your home. Dissolve mouthwash with water and spray it into a corner or wall where regular cockroaches nest.

Spray mint oil

Spray mint oil directly into the cockroach or in the corners of the kitchen and bathroom where regular cockroaches nest. These tips do not work quickly like other methods, but because they are natural and non-toxic, they can help repel cockroaches.


Sprinkle borax in corners, cracks, kitchen sinks, kitchen and bathroom pipes and leave it overnight. Cockroaches that roam at night will make contact with borax finally it will kill the cockroaches. The body of a cockroach that has been contaminated with borax will return to the nest and participate in spreading the poison there indirectly.


Bleach is a type of common disinfectant that is common at home. Dissolve in water and pour on the floor or kitchen sink. Cockroaches will leave their nest in drain pipes, kitchens and other places.


Lemon has anti-pathogenic properties or prevents bacterial growth. Add the lemon juice to the water when mopping part of your house. Germs can die and cockroaches will go away because they can’t stand the smell.

Soap solution

Make a solution of concentrated soap and spray it directly on the cockroach. Most of the cockroaches will die soon because the soap solution will clog their pores which make it difficult for the cockroach to breathe.

Prevention Action

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How to make sure that the cockroaches will not get back to your house? Anyway, there are some effective ways to prevent baby cockroaches and adult cockroaches from coming again. First of all, you need to eliminate trash in your garden. Then, you can close any holes and gaps in your house so that they can not enter your house.

Next, you must also close your kitchen cabinets and closet perfectly. After that, you also must not forget to give some covers on each water pipe around your house. Then, you can also spray some pesticide in a trap in the form of gel or solution.

If you hit a cockroach, make sure you clean the dead body because the cockroach egg may hatch if you do not eliminate it. Lastly, you must keep your food away from cockroaches and always put your trash away from your house.

In conclusion, that’s all you need to know about baby cockroaches and the adult cockroaches that may come into your house when you do not keep your house clean. Cockroaches are dirty insects that can cause health issues because of their saliva and urine. Somehow, you will notice the smell of cockroach urine and never smell it because it can also cause an allergy. Finally, you must eliminate cockroaches whenever you see them.

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