55+ Ingenious Ideas to Steal for Your Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen Ideas – Are you looking for small kitchen ideas? You’ve come to the right place, then. Designing a small kitchen is obviously challenging. Without a proper design, the tiny area will look cramped and this may reduce its functionality.

Whether you plan to design a brand-new kitchen from scratch or renovate your old kitchen, there are plenty ideas presented here to consider. There are over 50 interesting small kitchen ideas that may work for your limited space.

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If you have a small room, of course you want to make it look larger, right? One of the clever idea is to incorporate vertical wallpaper patterns or vertical tile grout lines. This kind of vertical paneling can help make the room seems taller than it actually is.

Introduce a Teeny Table

Since the space is not big enough, it won’t be possible to add a large table. Instead, you can have a teeny table, the one with can accommodate only two to four people. Consider a round table as it is more flexible.

Stay With Three Colors

Using too many colors for your design scheme is a bad idea as it can make the kitchen looks even smaller. Stay with no more than three colors; two neutrals and one bold color.

Break Architectural Conventions

Although there are some design rules that work for small kitchen ideas, you do not need to stick with such conventions if they are not suitable for your particular space. It is okay to break the architectural conventions. For example, don’t be afraid to try adding a tall window in the kitchen. It may not common to have this kind of window for a kitchen. However, you can give it a try. Tall windows can make the room appear bigger.

Boost With an Accent

A little accent is important for small kitchen ideas. It can boost the room look. The best accent is blurred lines in a one-hue rooms. Make sure the lines won’t dominate the whole room. It can be done by keeping the lines simple yet flattering.

Show Charm

How to show charm in a small kitchen? There are so many ideas. The most popular and effective way is to use glass furniture that adds gleam, enhancing the small space. For example, you can bring glass-fronted cabinets into the room and use shiny tiles for the kitchen walls.

Go Luxe

A small kitchen will look magnificent instead of being cramped if it is designed elegantly. The elegant touch can be achieved from, for example, adding marble-looking backsplash. Another idea is to install a shimmering brass faucet for the sink. Such high-end touch can create a sophisticated vibe in the kitchen.

Place Windows to Work

Avoiding clutters is one of the keys of small kitchen ideas. For this purpose, you can optimize the use of cabinets to store things and racks to hang pots. If the wall space is limited, you can use a wooden sash window that can be functioned to hang some pots.

Pause Before You Box In

Open racks can be mounted to house small items and utensils such as spice jars, spoons, and knives.

Think Outdoors The Cabinet

Cabinets and drawers are crucial pieces for small kitchen. They are the perfect storage to hide clutters. However too many bulky cabinets take much of the wall space. Alternatively, consider pullout storage. s smart pullout storage for tools takes advantage of a slim gap between closets.

Switch on The Heavy Steel

Using furniture pieces made from steel gives the similar effects as using glass or mirrors. They can effectively reflect lights that results in making the room brighter and look bigger.

Integrate Ends

Several storage ideas can be used together to complete the look. Cabinets and in-racks are must-have storage areas. Meanwhile, hooks and a rail can be mounted on the wall to hang pots, frying pans, and other frequently-used items.

Divide and also Dominate


Divide the kitchen area into two parts. There should be one side for cooking and the other side will be for washing dishes or preparing food.

Mount a Slim Island

A slim island is ideal for a small kitchen instead of a full-sized island that take much space. There may not be a place for a morning meal bar but a small island looks very stylish and it leaves some extra work space to prepare food.

Move Into a Wall

When there is not much space left on the floor, what can be done is to optimize the wall. As you can see on the picture, not only does the pullout cupboard provide space for kitchen stuff, it also makes the wall look more attractive.

Integrate In Edge Storage

In order to maximize the use of peninsula, an extra-wide counter top can be used. It will provide adequate space for shelves, too.

Love Your Wall Area

Decorating the wall area is very important when it comes to small kitchen ideas. Don’t let your wall surface blank. You can turn it into a big storage area by mounting shelves, cabinets, and racks on it.

Pull it Out

Having not enough space for preparation area? No worries. You can add a slicing board that can be simply pulled out for preparing food and pulled in when it’s not being used.

Frame it

Having sufficient storage space is crucial but too much storage can make the space crowded and uncomfortable. You can make use the center of a window to effectively hand frying pans instead of adding a lot more storage.

Place it in a Cabinet

Cabinets are indeed necessary in any kitchen. Choose cabinets that are not too bulky for your teensy kitchen.

Merge your Countertop and also Kitchen Table

Merging the countertop and kitchen table can really save space. It is even better if you use a movable table.

Construct in a Bench

Adding a bench in a small kitchen area is a great idea. The bench can serve as a sitting area for enjoying meals and when it is not being used for eating, it can use to house some kitchen stuff too.

Tuck in a Huge Table

Just because your kitchen is small, it does not mean that everything there should be small too. For one-wall kitchen, a huge table can be a great consideration.

Scale Down Appliances

There are kitchen appliances specifically intended for small kitchen. Usually they come in half-size of the regular appliances. Talk to your kitchen developer for more guidance.

Attempt a Bar Cart

Sometimes, wine bottles can clutter up the kitchen counter. If this happens to your small kitchen, find a little space for a bar cart.

Feel Free

It will be nice if you make use of some mobile furniture especially if you like to change the interior design of your small kitchen. For this purpose, mobile gas cylinder cooktop and wheeled cart seems to be a clever idea.

Smooth Out Lines

Avoiding too many straight lines. Instead, add more vertical lines as they can visually extend the size of your kitchen.

Choose a Whiteout

Many people doesn’t like the idea of all-white kitchen because when the kitchen is dirty, it will be clearly visible. On the other side, all-white therapy can make the room look larger. At least, use neutrals or light shades instead of dark colors.

Set it Back

One of the effective ways to create an airy and roomy kitchen is to place cabinets and tables cleverly. For example, the kitchen cabinets can be set high.

Maintain Lights Low

You can do something with the lights to create a more spacious feel. Instead of using a table lamp that take much room on the countertop, find something that is installed on the wall or on the ceiling. A low-slung filament bulb, for example, can be an amazing option for small kitchen ideas.

Hang all of it

A lack of workspace is the concern of a small kitchen. So, avoid making your kitchen counter crowded of things like veggies bowl, frying pans, seasoning jars, and other utensils. Where these things should be put, then? The answer is to use wall-hung storage or baskets.

Allow it Circulation

Air circulation is very important even when the room is small. However, many home owners neglect this thing. Make sure your small kitchen is equipped with adequate air circulation. There should be windows and air ventilation.


Since the kitchen is small, you cannot expect that you can have every single thing in the kitchen. If there is no place for a morning meal bar, use only a kitchen counter. It can serve for other purposes, too.

Catch a Niche

Recessed shelving is the solution for numerous small areas. It is no wonder that it is very popular in small kitchen ideas. The type of shelving can really save the workplace.

Ramp Up Comfort

There are plenty of ways to boost comfort in your teeny kitchen just like when you are in a bigger kitchen. The kitchen will feel cozier, for example, with the addition of colorful wall surface lights instead of overhead bulbs.

Never State Never Ever to An Island

It is true that a traditional Island is too large that it cannot be accommodated in a small kitchen. There is an alternative for a kitchen Island. You can get a customized Island that fit your small space.

Get Around

Which one is better, a round table or the rectangular one? It depends on your area and how many people will be using the room. A round table can accommodate more people but it needs a larger room. Setting up a square or rectangular table is easier as it has corners so it does not leave unused space. Think about this very well.

Use Deceptiveness

Extend your wall storage by filling the gap between the one of the cabinets and the wall. This is a way to optimize the wall surface.

Take a Cube

Have you ever thought about creating a cubicle for your kitchen? This design allows for much more storage and more interesting spot. Of course, it needs smart planning to create such an open box.

Go Round the Bend

If you think that small kitchen ideas cost less than regular kitchens, you might be wrong. You have to spend money to customize some furniture including the counter top.

Prolong an end

If you need an area for a breakfast bar, think about a straightforward overhang countertop. It fits even the smallest of space, allowing more people to eat at the breakfast bar.

Increase Your Wall Surface Units

As you cannot do much with the limited surface, you must increase the wall surface unites for storage room. There are many shelves or open rugs with stylish design that can give a cool touch to the room in addition to their main function. If possible, extend storage space vertically to the ceiling.

Try Two-Layer Drawers

Deep drawers are commonly used in small space to store more things due to their depth. However, two-layer drawers are better because they keeps things more orderly.

Include Drawers to Your Breakfast Bar

Most breakfast bars do not come with drawers. In the case of small kitchen, adding drawers to your breakfast bar is a wise decision. The drawers below it can be used to keep a tray, napkins, and any other things that you usually use when enjoying your coffee.

Make Your Furniture Foldable

Foldable furniture is another smart solution for a small kitchen. You can store them away when not in use, leaving more floor space in the room.

Appear a Pullout Workdesk

If your kitchen functions as a workspace too, think about mounting a pullout work desk. The desk has a drawer but it has no side panels. It is also called a micro desk.

Install a Breakfast Bar Cupboard

Previously, it is stated that a breakfast can include a drawer beneath. If a drawer can be installed below it, why cannot cupboard?

Boost Glass-Fronted Storage Space

Small kitchen ideas are not always about space saving but they are also about making the room eye-catching. One of the ways to make the room attractive while raising the height is to use built-in glass-fronted cabinets.

Develop Around

The vertical pipeline works best for a small kitchen as it optimizes the wall systems and looks and looks great at the same time.

Be Prudent With Cabinets

Fitting a cupboard or cabinet is necessary to tidy up the countertop of the place over your fridge that may be full of vases, stack boxes, and so forth.

Create an Optical Illusion

TThere are many things to manipulate the eyes such as windows, a mirror, classic glass, and the like.

Add a Sleek, Mirrored Backsplash

As in this modern kitchen, you can use a built-in mirror as a backsplash.

Wrap it Around

After you finish with the design, the last thing to do is to wrap it around. Make your kitchen even brighter. A small area with adequate light can feel airy.

Mix Modern and also Vintage

You do not need to always stick with one design. Instead, try to combine vintage and modern style to your kitchen. It will make your teeny space more pleasing.

Take it To The Top

Adding a mirror that extend to the top or to the ceiling is an effective way to create the illusion of higher space.

Add an Internal Window

An internal window can be added in a room that’s windowless or does not connect with the outdoors.

Set up a Window On The World

This window has multi purposes. In addition to provide lights, it can be used for an extra area where shelving and rails are mounted.

Shelve Every Extra Inch

Shelving is an important part for small kitchen ideas. Adding more shelves for storage is a good idea but layout the racks well to avoid the wall being overcrowded.

Have Holes As Opposed To Handles

Instead of using handles for doors, cabinets, and drawers, consider holes. They are easier and more practical to use.

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