Roof Rats Information | Identification & How to Get Rid of Them in Attic or House

While some people have little to no problem with rodent bugs, there are certain areas of the United States that are much more vulnerable to rodent issues than others. One of those areas is the southern third of the USA as well as the coastal states. If you reside in these areas, your attic room might become the target of roof rats, which can create a variety of troubles for your household and building.

Beware Of Roof Rats In The Attic

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Roof covering rats are known by a variety of other names, consisting of palm rats, fruit rats, ship rats as well as Alexandrian rats.

Both roofing system rats and Norway rats, a stockier selection of rat, could infest houses. For effective bug control, you should identify just what kind of rat is scampering around your attic room. Roofing system rats vary from the Norway rat in several methods. Allow’s take a look at a few of these differences.


Unlike the Norway rat, which is also referred to as a sewage system or brown rat, roofing system rats are smaller sized in dimension and also their tails are longer than their bodies. They mature to 18 in size, including their tail, and also evaluate at the very least 5 oz.


Roofing system rats are generally black in color, while Norway rats are brown or grey. Roof covering rats have smaller sized and also sleeker bodies than Norway rats, and their fur is smooth. Various other roofing system rat features include large ears with very little hair as well as pointy faces.

Nesting Locations

Unlike various other rat varieties, roofing rats are likewise excellent mountain climbers as well as develop nests over ground, not underground in burrows. Outdoors, you can discover roofing system rats nesting in trees, shrubs, timber stacks and also thick plants. Inside, roof covering rats prefer to build nests in the top locations of the house where it’s maintained warm by climbing warm. You could discover them nesting in different locations inside the home, including:

  • Attic rooms
  • Closets
  • Ceilings
  • Garages
  • Inside wall surfaces as well as sheetrock
  • Utility room
  • Patios
  • Swimming pool locations
  • Their living space must supply them with adequate water to sustain life.


Unlike other rat varieties that usually favor to eat meat scraps and also high-protein foods, the diet regimen of roofing rats resembles that of squirrels. This suggests they primarily eat nuts and also fruits, yet, similar to other rat varieties, roof rats are omnivorous. They will certainly consume just about anything if they are hungry sufficient, consisting of:

  • Ornamental plants
  • Pet and feline food
  • Feed for cows, swine and also chickens
  • Veggies in the garden
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Tree bark
  • Insects
  • Reptiles
  • Paper
  • Candle light wax

These rats are also hoarders as well as tuck away nuts and also seeds in their nesting areas for later usage.

Water sources for roofing system rats include:

  • Bird baths
  • Leaky pipelines
  • Air conditioning condensation drip line
  • Animals’ water bowls
  • Dishes under potted plants
  • Watering lines

Roofing system rats will also chew through plastic and metal pipelines to obtain water, which could result in significant architectural damage.

Authorize Of An Infestation Of Roof Rats

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You won’t always see roofing rats due to the fact that they are nocturnal and also forage for food at night. Nevertheless, you should know the indications of infestation that could notify you to their existence. Once discovered, you could take the proper control procedures.

One of one of the most apparent signs of invasion is roofing system rat droppings. Roof covering rat droppings are smaller sized compared to those of Norway rats. The droppings are about 0.5 in long with pointed ends. Other indications of a roofing system rat problem include:

  • Gnawing or scraping noises in the attic or wall surfaces
  • Chomp marks around the house’s roofing or eaves
  • Detecting them running on tree arm or legs, high-voltage line, roofs, patios and also in fruit trees
  • Hollowed-out fruit if you have fruit trees
  • Gnawing damage to electric cords in the house
  • Animals revealing indications of stress and anxiety and also frustration
  • Grease trails and notes as they travel normal routes through the residence
  • Nests discovered in the insulation of your residence

As soon as inside, the roofing system rat populace can proliferate. A female can have a trash of five to 8 infants. In warm, tropical areas, roof covering rats breed year-round, as well as ladies could have up to 3 litters a year.

Just How Do Roof Rats Get In A Home?

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Roof rats ready mountain climbers as well as nest up high. They utilize tree limbs for taking a trip as well as easily get involved in your attic room if there are open areas to squeeze through. Roofing rats can likewise enter your house in other methods, consisting of:

  • Climbing up vines near the house
  • Traveling along high-voltage line
  • Climbing rough surfaces, such as brick as well as concrete obstructs

Once they reach your home, all they need is an opening concerning the dimension of a nickel to squeeze via. They frequently go into homes searching for food and to hide from predators. Roofing rats have several natural predators, including:

  • Serpents
  • Birds of target
  • Pets
  • Cats
  • Coyotes
  • Owls
  • Other rats

Are Roof Rats Dangerous?

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All rats can show hostility when they feel threatened. They may bite or chase you. A bite from a roofing rat could transmit illness to you, consisting of rat-bite high temperature which is infected humans through a bite or scratch. Symptoms of rat-bite fever occur within a couple of days to a couple of weeks. In some cases the bite or scratch is already healed when signs and symptoms begin, so it is essential to know exactly what they are:

  • Breakout
  • Throwing up
  • Headache
  • High temperature
  • Muscular tissue and joint pain

Understand that some conditions spread by rats could be fatal to people otherwise correctly dealt with.

Their droppings and pee could spread illness. Currently, roofing system rats have not been linked to Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, yet you should still take preventative measure when tidying up droppings and also pee considering that you might have misidentified your rodent problem. Hantavirus is infected humans when they inhale air near rat saliva, droppings or urine.

You could additionally come to be ill from fleas that when eaten rats. When a flea bites a rat and then attacks you, it could transmit diseases such as pester as well as tularemia.

What Damages Do Roof Rats Cause?

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Besides leaving droppings and also urine that create a carcinogen, roof rats could additionally create damages to your house. Roofing system rats chew holes in your soffit as well as eaves to get to the attic. Once within, they could create all sorts of damages by:

  • Eating on cords and also causing electric as well as fire dangers
  • Gnawing on timber beam of lights in the attic
  • Eating on pipes and triggering water damage
  • Trampling down insulation, lowering its effectiveness

Getting Rid Of Roof Rats?

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If you notice signs and noises of a roof rat problem, you have several choices to get eliminate these insects. Capturing or warding off roof rats can successfully minimize the pest populace in your house. You have a number of options in typically made use of rat catches– break catches, glue traps and also digital catches– along with repellent options.

Baiting Rats

Baiting is an integral part of utilizing traps, and also with the appropriate lure, it’s very easy to tempt these pests. Roofing rats like a different diet plan than other kinds of rats, so you should utilize any one of the complying with for bait:

  • Dried out fruit (ideal)
  • Nuts (ideal)
  • Berries
  • Floss or other nesting product
  • Pests
  • Peanut butter
  • Snail coverings

Rats are typically really mindful of brand-new food sources appearing in their environments. To lure them to the catch, lure it without setting it for a few days so the rats pertain to trust it as a risk-free and also reliable food resource.

Snap Traps

Break traps could seem like an antique means to capture rats, however they continue to be extremely effective. These catches have a steel bar that snaps down on as well as eliminates the rat. Each catch kills one rat, so you have to establish numerous traps to dramatically lower rat populations. There are some advantages to making use of snap traps:

  • They’re non reusable
  • They’re reusable, if you so select
  • You could use them indoors and also out
  • They’re safe
  • The dead rat is visible so you could verify the kill

You intend to be cautious when making use of these catches in residences with youngsters as well as family pets considering that they break shut with tremendous pressure. You likewise need to take safety measures when throwing away the rat carcass.

Electronic Catches to Remove Roof Rats

Digital traps are an even more modern-day choice. They are a humane and also safe method to take care of rats. These traps utilize a high-voltage shock to eliminate the rat. These indoors-only catches have some fantastic benefits:

  • They’re multiple-use
  • The dead rat is not noticeable, yet conveniently disposable
  • They have a blinking light to indicate a kill
  • They’re risk-free to make use of around youngsters as well as family pets

Glue Traps

There are glue catches for rats, too. Glue catches do not call for any kind of baiting or setting, so they are very easy to make use of. Simply location adhesive catches along the wall where rats generally run.

Ultrasonic Devices to Do Away With Roof Rats

Ultrasonic repellents function by emitting non-repetitive, high-frequency acoustic waves that deter rodents so they don’t enter your house. The sound is dreadful for rodents however does not bother human beings as well as most pet dogs. Pet dogs, pet cats and also fish are not troubled, however you’ll have to relocate your hamster or guinea pig to another space.

You can look through the option and also determine which one is best relying on the dimension of space it’ll be made use of in. No matter which one you pick, all ultrasonic tools are simple to utilize– you just connect them in. No baiting. No setting.

The Importance Of Cleanliness

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Proper cleanliness is vital in maintaining roofing rats from returning to your house. Right here are some great cleanliness pointers:

  • Make certain all rubbish containers have tight-fitting covers
  • Gather trash and rubbish debris often
  • Don’t provide your animal much more food than it could consume in a day
  • Shop pet dog and also pet foods in metal containers with covers
  • Store cereals and other completely dry foods in air-tight containers

Rats incline frameworks and areas that provide food as well as water, so eliminate all water resources, such as fountains, leaky pipes and bird bathrooms, along with things that provide these insects with a food source.

Residence and Landscape Tips

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You can take actions around the home and also backyard to avoid roof covering rats from entering your home. Begin with sealing access in the home, after that:

  • Usage caulk to fill out any fractures or holes around the home that procedure 0.25 in or larger
  • Area displays over roof covering vents as well as attic room generator ventilators
  • Make use of a smokeshaft cap or display to shield your fire place
  • Search for and obstruct entrances under sinks, near washing machines, dryers, dishwashing machines & & hot water heating units
  • Always shut doors when exiting your home
  • See to it all home window screens remain in excellent condition

You could do some basic landscape design to avoid roofing system rats from acquiring entrance to your home. For example, prune back tree branches or limbs near your residence within three feet of your roof. Keep hand trees cut as well as take down creeping plants or shrubs expanding against or near the residence. Weaken shrubs near your home to discourage rats from utilizing them as cover.

Houses that have attics or other high places are more prone to roofing system rat invasions since they choose to live above ground. Other points that can bring in roofing rats to your house consist of:

  • Heavy shrubbery
  • Palm trees
  • Yucca plants
  • Honeysuckle
  • Wood stacks
  • Storage space boxes

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