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Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas – Kitchen is a palace for some people. This is the spot where the family gathers, even for a short quality time. It is also the spot where a mom or dad decides to create the best cooking for the rest of the family members. Believe it or not, a well-designed kitchen can boost one’s mood, before preparing any meal. Some homeowners even plan to make a refurbishment on the kitchen, instead of other rooms as they think that it can change the ambiance of the entire house.

While significant changes can cost you an arm and leg, it is also fine to apply these painted kitchen cabinets. More often than not, homeowners hesitate that they to have them repainted, as they think that they will apply colors, which can ruin the whole theme.

There won’t be a problem if you hire an expert to have your kitchen cabinets painted. But, if you prefer to save much budget, you can paint them your own, though you need more than just creativity exploration ideas from magazines or experts.

So, check out these below ideas and figure out the one that suits your style.

Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Neutral Colors

There is no ‘safer’ color than white, pastel, light brown, beige and its kind, for every room. Such aforementioned colors can suit any room theme, and match with all kind of room decoration. Replacing white with beige can enlighten the room’s ambiance. Yet, yellow is more recommended for significant changing performance.


Many people think that this is a good idea, though they have no idea about choosing the right colors to combine. Black and white remain as the most dependable options, while homeowners still can mix several colors like orange and beige, red and white, etc. Different colors can be applied to cupboards and closets, or on different part of cabinets.

Vibrant Color styles

Do you dare to choose vibrant colors for your kitchen cabinets? Bright yellow, dark green, red, orange are only to name a few of the most vibrant colors that add the kitchen style. Try combining gold yellow cabinets with white or pastel wall color, or orange countertops with beige cabinets. Exploring creativity by finding ideas from lots of sources will make you stay at your kitchen for hours.

Subtle Pastels

Pastel is the most common color in every room as it is very versatile to combine with various colors of home decoration and furniture. Yet, it is the time to use this color for kitchen cabinets, and choose neutral colors for the cabinets and countertops. It is even better to add a little shade of light blue or yellow to add the charm.

Open Shelving

Open shelving is always the best idea for small kitchen, mostly in apartments. Combine different colors on the shelves and the wall surface. Or, you can just let the shelves as they are, while trying to repaint your kitchen wall with contrast colors. Be more creative by adding some decorations with bold colors to enhance the style.

Black And White Dual-Tone Kitchen

white kitchen cabinets

Paint all the upper part of the kitchen with white color and go for black on the lower part. You’ll be surprised on how your kitchen will amaze you, your family members, and your relatives.

All-White Kitchen Cupboards

painting kitchen cabinets

Yes, white is always gorgeous. White wall, cabinets, countertops, dining set will be more than just fascinating. Just be ready with more time of frequent cleaning to avoid dull impression, particularly for the countertop.

Modern Black Kitchen Cabinets

cabinet paint

Don’t think that black cabinets can create a gloomy atmosphere in a room. All you have to do is to pair the cabinets with the right wall color. Earthy tone like grey, pastel or beige is the best color alternative, instead of merely choosing white. But, it is always recommended to add some more lights, beside the natural light from the window.

Rustic Blue Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cupboard paint

Is blue color the right one for your kitchen? You’ll never go wrong with it. All you need is the right choice of kitchen decoration, as you can create different themes with only one cabinet color like futuristic, vintage, etc.

All-Black Kitchen Cupboards

kitchen paint

Nothing is more remarkable than having black set of furniture with contrast wall color. It is even more striking to combine it with the natural light from the giant window pane. Why not choose black cupboards and cabinets for your kitchen? Combine it with white dining table set and you’ll make others envy you.

Bright White Kitchen Cabinetry

cupboard paint

Create a ‘WOW’ impact with your bright white kitchen cabinetry. Never hesitate to choose all white furniture set, from the dining table, lamp shade and even kitchen utensils.

White is always the most gorgeous color for everything, so if you don’t hesitate to use this color for your intimate bedroom, then you should be ready to pamper your eyes with all-white kitchen cabinets. By choosing white, you can apply any color for your kitchen wall.

Farmhouse Black Kitchen Cupboards

kitchen paint colors

Can black kitchen cupboards go along very well with farmhouse’s style? Prove it yourself by having all-black cabinets with wood furniture sets to create the modern farmhouse performance. Don’t worry, the black cabinet won’t create a smaller space impression. The key is the choice of furniture sets.

Avoid the classic dining table set. Instead, you can opt for functional countertop with seating area. Again, you have to make sure that your all-black kitchen theme absorbs as many natural lights as possible, while you should also emphasize the lighting at night.

Contrasted Navy Blue Island In White Kitchen

kitchen cabinet paint colors

Once you have applied all-white kitchen cabinet ideas, what’s next? You might want to choose the best color for contrasting the cabinet, but you are worried about the impression that you’ll create if you choose the less appropriate one. Why not try the navy blue island? You can also add some kitchen decorations like lamp shade, or wall clock with this color to add the delight.

Dual-Tone Navy As Well As White Cabinets

kitchen cabinet colors

When you find that you’ve had enough with all-white cabinets, you can just paint the low cabinets with navy blue. You’ll notice that the dual-tone is more than just gorgeous. It is to die-for. Other colors are recommended, but just maintain the upper part.

Steel Gray Kitchen Cupboards

best paint for kitchen cabinets

Everyone agrees that nothing beats the charm of kitchen with the pure earth-tone. Steel gray cupboards never fail to charm everyone. It is easy, afterwards, to opt for the decorations and kitchen equipment. All in all, earth-tone is always popular for its high level of contemporary effect. What’s best about earthy kitchen style is its versatility for kitchen at any size.

Dual-Tone Blue And Also White Cabinets With Green Wall

kitchen colors

Okay, we have read several ideas above. All of them only introduce two-color combination for your kitchen repainting. Now, let’s try better experiment by involving three colors for the kitchen. Maintain the white cabinets, but change the wall color with green, and change the color of the white cabinets with navy blue or Tosca. Blue really can rock your world.

Dual-Tone Blue And Also Eco-friendly Kitchen

kitchen cabinet ideas

Some kitchen cabinets only have one color. If you own similar kinds of cabinetry, then you can try painting the cabinets with two colors. Try colors with shade like pastels, beige, etc. This is the simplest way to change your kitchen look, without adding or buying more cabinets and decorations.

Grey Cabinets With Environment-friendly Accent

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Some ready stock cabinets are available in very common colors like white, light brown, etc. If you own very common colors of cabinetry, why not painting it into grey? The earthy tone adds the delight. Grey is not the only appropriate color that you can apply for your kitchen wall. Try any soft color that suits well with many colors on the cabinetry.

Dual-Tone Gray And Also White Kitchen Cabinets

painting kitchen cabinets white

You have bought that white kitchen cabinets with your best effort years ago, and you won’t replace it, nor repaint it for any reason. Yes, you may think that repainting it may reduce the value. As a matter of fact, let the kitchen cabinet as it is, and go for gray for the wall, or lower cabinets. This is the best way to get the natural look of the room, without leaving the elegance aspect for granted.

Brilliant Neutral Kitchen

cabinet paint colors

Why brilliant? Because you are about to opt for neutral color to dominate your kitchen. Try grey or the navy blue to dominate the overall kitchen. Believe me, it stands out by itself.

Pastel Blue Farmhouse Cabinets

painting cabinets white

Cabinets with soft colors are always the best choice. If you still confuse about what to apply on your cabinetry, then try pastel blue. Add the ‘farmhouse’ style with the existence of some curtain that represents the farmhouse theme and design. Don’t forget to repaint the floor with the rustic style to enhance the look of the kitchen theme.

Spring Eco-friendly Painted Cabinets

cabinet colors

You might have never thought about painting your cabinets with this color. This is more than just worth trying, but it is a necessity. Spring painted cabinets are more than just striking. It is too stylish to try, though it is what you need to do now, for the sake of your perfectly painted kitchen cabinets. .

Rich Moss Eco-friendly Cabinets

repainting kitchen cabinets

Cabinets in moss are rare to find, so it is much better now to create one for your perfect kitchen cabinets. Just like black cabinets, you need to maximize the natural light, for the maximum eco-friendly impact.

Dual-Tone Navy And Also White Kitchen

kitchen cupboard paint colours

Need some warm ambiance that you might have lacked with your current white cabinets? Try painting the closets with navy blue. This may not be one of the common kitchen cabinet ideas, but it will bring a great change to your kitchen. You won’t have heart to leave this petite room.

Robin’s Egg Blue Cabinets

kitchen door paint

Ideas of replacing current color of cabinets are too many to explore. But, finding the right one can be very daunting. Robin’s egg blue may not come across your mind before. Yet, your friends and relatives will adore this color more than you can imagine. So, be the first to apply it!

Dual-Tone Neutral Cabinets

refinishing kitchen cabinets

Neutral colors for cabinets and countertop may look subtle. But, the slight difference will bring such an elegant look, particularly if you know how to combine the neutral colors. You can try grey and white, pastels and soft orange, etc. Neutral colors are always safe to combine, so don’t hesitate to pick any of them.

Contemporary Black Cabinets

kitchen wall colors

Black is always perfect for either classic or modern room theme. This time, try painting your cabinets with polished black painting, while you can also add some accessories to enhance the futuristic look. Pay attention to the surface for the total contemporary look.

Vibrant Teal Cabinets

kitchen paint ideas

Teal is classified as soft. But, this time, you need to try vibrant teal for showing the kitchen’s modern character. Rare people consider this color, anyway. You can also paint the surface with colors like brown or orange to get the bold performance.

Bright Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen color ideas

If you decide to repaint your kitchen cabinets into a striking color, you need to maintain some neutral colors on the wall or kitchen surface. Bright yellow is more than just fascination. It really adds the charm of the room, as it won’t look too flashy if you keep the wall in neutral colors.

Dual-Tone White And Black Cabinets

redo kitchen cabinets

This idea is very common, though it is still worth your effort. Black and white are always good to combine. You may want to choose white for the cabinets and black for the surface, or the other way round. Both styles are timeless.

Cottage-Style White Cabinets

repainting cabinets

Maintain your white cabinets as they are already too cute to change. But, you need to paint the wall with white. Your kitchen looks more than just wonderful, especially with good layout, because the all-white colors can help improving the spacy performance of any room

Dual-Tone White As Well As Yellow Cabinets

kitchen color schemes

If you don’t want a monotonous kitchen with a single color, particularly white, you can paint the cabinets with yellow. Gold yellow is amazing, though soft yellow is also pleasant to the eye.

Dual-Tone White And Black Cabinets

best kitchen cabinets

Black and white cabinets are very common. Yet, you might want to have your black cabinets polished to go along with white kitchen color. It will deliver a brighter look to the kitchen, instead of the black domination.

Soft Blue Island

best kitchen cabinets

All-white color has already ruled your kitchen for years. Now, it is the time to paint the island with several choices of colors like soft blue, navy blue, or even dark blue.

Brilliant Yellow Cabinets In White Kitchen

repainting cabinets

Contrast gold yellow for your all-white kitchen is one of the most extraordinary kitchen cabinet ideas that you want to imitate.

See, nothing is too hard to apply. As long as you dare to place contrast colors at your kitchen, you can be proud of being successful in designing your kitchen at the very revolutionary way.

Painted Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

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