27+ Kitchen Countertop Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out

Kitchen Countertop Ideas – Wondering what to do with your small kitchen? Some homeowners have no idea about giving a bigger impression, without spending too much money. They might consider changing the wall color or the decoration. So, what about replacing the countertop?

Kitchen countertop ideas are abundant, though the implementation may be adjusted from one kitchen to another. Why kitchen countertop? The fact is that, the countertop is the only part of the kitchen that dominates the kitchen outlook.

Besides, kitchen countertop with excellent quality doesn’t only make homeowners proud of it, but also feel comfortable in spending time there. When the kitchen countertop has a good quality, it can maintain its original color, look and function at its best.

Quality countertop depends on the materials. Among the most irrepressible material include granite, limestone, laminate, marble, quartz and glass. When homeowners decide to buy or replace their old countertops, they should ensure that the new one has better performance and durability.

Still, homeowners are urged to know about its maintenance detail, depends on specific materials. Most reputable kitchen countertops manufacturers always provide manual instructions about how the maintain the product, along with certain cleaning liquid that doesn’t cause any damage.

Yes, it is true that those aforementioned materials are highly durable and have flawless look. Yet, it is important to keep its surface clean, beca

Contrasting Shade Kitchen Countertops

marble countertops

Never tried a vibrant color for your kitchen countertop? Then you should give it a try, for the sake of ‘catchy’ look. If you think that vibrant colors are only limited to yellow, orange and lime green, then you might want to consider black and white countertops, if you still want to maintain the classic kitchen look, based on your style and characteristic.

Contrasting shade never fails to charm everyone. Make sure that your kitchen cabinetry has a contrasted color with the color of your countertop. Try it and u surprised on how your friends envy your kitchen.

Patterned Kitchen Countertops

kitchen top

How many of you are wondering, whether patterned kitchen countertops are worth your attention? This theme suits well with minimalist, yet cute kitchen cabinets. Patterned style suits small kitchen, particularly for apartment owners.

Black and white is always timeless, though you still can choose other soft or pastel colors. You can opt for bold colors if you have bigger kitchen size.

Thick Piece Kitchen Countertops

granite countertops cost

You might have noticed some thick countertops designs. Yet, you don’t think that it is a good idea to opt for this style, because your kitchen size has very small space. Thick countertop shows elegance, and it won’t deliver a ‘heavy look’ as you might have imagined before. If you still doubt about it, you can just choose the 3” thick kitchen countertop, instead of the common size.

Some homeowners are confident enough in choosing 5-inch″ countertop, as it gives an outstanding look. Anyway, you need to ensure that the height of the closet should ‘fit’ with the thick impression.

Butcher Block Kitchen Countertops

concrete countertops

Wood is timeless. Wood butcher block for one of your kitchen countertop ideas is always recommended. Entering your kitchen with the perfectly polished wood will give such a great impression of blended classic and modern theme.

Don’t forget to add some lights on the wall to emphasize on the sleek design.At the same time, you need to pay attention more on the maintenance, though polished wood may last longer. Anyway, it is better to polish the coating with polyurethane that maintains the board’s surface from looking dull.

Metal Kitchen Countertop Ideas


Some homeowners doubt to use metal, as they think that metal kitchen countertop is always pricey. While it is true for some reasons, it is worth having, still. Stainless steel is the best metal material for kitchen countertop.

You don’t only have to worry about its overall maintenance, but you can rest assured that stainless steel is corrosion-free and highly durable. Metal kitchen countertop adds the spacy look of a room. Yet, you need to adjust it with your dining set, just in case your dining room is adjacent to your kitchen.

Zinc Countertops

white quartz countertops

You might not consider Zinc as one of the most recommended kitchen countertop ideas. As a matter of fact, you should really check on your nearby furniture store, whether you can place order on zinc countertops.

Once you see matt-finish zinc countertop, you don’t need to worry that it will ruin your kitchen performance. In fact, that’s the best style of zinc, which can help enlighten your kitchen’s futuristic look. Zinc works well with several liquids that any kitchen deals with like oil, grease, citrus and water. So, why not choose zinc?

Copper Countertops

kitchen countertops options

Alright, you have read about how metal like stainless steel and zinc boost your kitchen performance as the most recommended countertops. But, there is another material that you will be amazed when you apply it on your new kitchen.

Copper countertops never fail to bring such a radiant performance on your little ‘cooking kingdom’. If you think that your current modern kitchen theme is no longer ‘modern’, then you can add copper countertops to deliver a different look for your kitchen. Of course, you should never hesitate about its new look, as it will be more eye-catching.

Concrete Kitchen Countertops

white granite

While there are unlimited kitchen countertop ideas, you might have thought that only metal or wood materials that ensure delightful look and durable performance. But, there is another material that is worth your attention.

Concrete is the natural material that is popular with its versatility and durability. You can just choose the natural one, so you don’t need to personalize it, but you might want to add some customization by adding some polishing, based on your favorite kitchen theme.

Covered Kitchen Countertops

vanity tops

Rare homeowners apply the idea of having covered kitchen countertops. They think that this is the most complicated design that requires a great amount of money. Anyway, the covering only involves on the top or sides of the cabinets, or both.

The covering delivers an elegant look, as they look different with the basic material of the cabinets. It is even better to apply different colors of the cabinets and the covering, as it suits both small and giant-spaced kitchen. Dare to try?

Two-Tone Kitchen Countertops

solid surface countertops

This idea looks similar with the above one, though it can be much better, particularly for homeowners with small budget for kitchen refurbishment. This idea is always best for homeowners who want to have a fully customized kitchen, that their neighbors or relatives can’t rival.

They can combine stainless-steel and marble, copper and tile, wood and zinc, etc. The combination should suit the purpose. Let’s say that you want to apply marble or tile kitchen countertop to cook, while you want to save money by having wood cabinets. Of course, you need to pay more attention on the marble’s daily maintenance, in order to keep its flawless performance.

Curved as well as Organically Shaped Kitchen Countertops

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Some homeowners have no choice than having a small kitchen with just irregular shape. Make the most of the shape by exploring the creativity of choosing kitchen countertops with certain shapes like curved, oval, etc. While it can save much space, it will add the warm ambiance to the kitchen where everyone can have quality time by spending a face-to-face conversation.

Contemporary Slab Counter

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When you demand on a contemporary kitchen countertop, then you can opt for a slab countertop. But, you need to ensure that you choose the thick slab for emphasizing the contemporary kitchen style. Choose a porcelain for the more elegant look, or you can just choose tiles for the lower-cost alternative.

Colorful Counters


You don’t need to worry that your kitchen will look like a kindergarten classroom. Even if you have a small-sized kitchen, colorful kitchen countertop still rocks! Of course, you might want to choose certain colors that match, instead of applying any color that will make your kitchen look cramped.

Beige and orange is nice, while you still can count on black and white if you want to ‘play safe’. Shade is good to add, as you might want to give a customization look here.

Textural Rock

granite countertops

For some homeowners, textural rock countertops represent the vintage theme that might not suit the temporary style kitchen. But, they might not realize that the textural theme will increase the warm ambiance, and support the elegant performance of a modern home.

Stone is very stylish and perfect for the countertop, as it is both durable and classy. Combining textural rock kitchen countertop with stainless steel cabinet is the best for modern kitchen. For the classic look, wood cabinets and textural rock countertop is the best choice.

Quartz Countertops

quartz countertops

If you search for some architectural ideas about home design, you will find lots of kitchen with quartz kitchen countertops. Believe it or not, quartz can bring a stylish performance that you might never have imagined before.

While it enhances your kitchen appearance, it is also durable and easy to maintain. It may be pricier as compared to stainless steel, it is worth your consideration.

2 Tone Counters

laminate countertops

Whether your kitchen is big or small, 2-tone kitchen countertop should be listed on your recommended kitchen countertop ideas. Mixing colors for the countertop requires good style. If you doubt about your own color choices, you can get ideas from magazines or experts.

Wood Counters

stone countertops

Wood block will recall you on your grandma’s kitchen. Yet, you can change the impression by having polished butcher block, as you want to emphasize the modern style kitchen. Lighting plays a major role here.

Dark Countertops

countertop ideas

Wondering how dark kitchen countertops won’t create dull expression on your kitchen? Well, dark colors help you a lot, whenever you don’t have time to clean your kitchen too often.

But of course, it still requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Dark kitchen countertop like black, dark blue, brown really can bring contemporary performance. Gone are the days when dark colors only apply on vintage room themes.

Patterned Covered Counters

solid surface

An additional version of the covered counter in a textural red stripe material.

Bent Countertops

countertop options

Covered countertops are already mentioned before. But, if you are not satisfied with such idea, you can add the patterned style. Patterned covering works very well on modern kitchen. If you prefer to give a bigger room size, you can opt for pastel colors for your patterned covered counters.

Thick Piece Tops

bathroom countertops

Need to have a thick kitchen countertop that looks better than your previous one? If you once had 2-inch countertop, why not try the 5-inch one? It still looks nice on your petite kitchen, though. In fact, it represents the more modern ambiance, without consuming too much space. Want to try?

Textural Modern

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You can apply textural modern kitchen countertops for any material, but stainless steel. So, for the sake of your convenience in daily cleaning and maintenance, you can opt for tiles or marbles. Wood is fine, though you might need to focus more on its daily cleaning. So, opt for butchers for easier maintenance effort.

Durable Quartz

black countertops

When you decide on having a quartz countertop, make sure that it is durable, by having it wrapped.

Piece Countertop Island

soapstone countertops

Giving additional countertop can help boosting the kitchen style, especially when the countertop is adjacent with the seating area

Drifting Countertop Idea

bathroom vanity tops

Make sure you apply the drifting countertop to ensure its durability. Choose quartz as the main material.

Hammered Zinc

granite slabs

If you think zinc is less attractive, consider having a hammered zinc for your countertop. You’ll be surprised on how it represents a natural look kitchen without taking the modern style for granted.

Refined Zinc Counters

white granite countertops

This idea may be the opposite of the aforementioned one. But, it is really worth your modern taste

Curved Countertop

countertop materials

Curved countertop is your lifesaver if you have a small kitchen with very few furniture sets.

Social Counter

kitchen countertop materials

This is the time to welcome your closest friends at your kitchen-sweet-kitchen as you’ll be proud with this extraordinary curve countertop.

Two-Toned Galley Kitchen

cement countertops

Complementary countertops with two colors really can represent modern kitchen style, without any requirement to add kitchen decoration.
Any kitchen countertop ideas that charm you?

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